Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Canada / Mexico open notes, fill the blanks quiz Fri / Mon, Nov 11, 14

Magnet geography / library  by trudeau
Magnet geography / library , a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Hola and Bon jour quiz sample questions -

1. Name the Mexican city, Ciudad __, that lies across the Texas border from El Paso.
2. The capital of French-speaking Canada lies on a river called the __ __ .
3. This city is east of Chicago, west of Cleveland and south of Toronto: it is __.
4. Toronto is a port on the shore of Lake __.
5. Name a Mexican peninsula on the Gulf of Mexico; it is the __ Peninsula.
6. The Massachusetts peninsula just south of Boston is __ __ .
7. An Asian nation adjacent to Alaska: __ .
8. Which is the more northerly island? a) Isla Cozumel b) Isla Cancun.
9. Name the peninsula associated with the Gulf of California: __ .
10. Tijuana is a riotous border town on the edge of California. T / F