Thursday, November 17, 2011

London pop-ups: Historic sites along the Thames

"Is this the Tower of London?" says your classmate as they look at your London pop-up map and take the brief quiz.

Here's how to prepare the project:

Sketch and color the curve of the Thames River on typing paper.

Sketch , color and cut out 4 symbols of historic London. Include the Tower of London, the Globe Theater, the Westminster Palace / Houses of Parliament and the Hostoric London Bridge. Leave a paper "tab" for easier attachment and for ability to look behind the paper symbol.

On the back of each symbol print the name of the site. Using the tab, glue the symbols to the proper spots along the Thames.

Above the assemblage, print a jazzy title. Below the assemblage print a word bank.
- Tower of London

- London Bridge

- Louvre
- Globe Theater
- Versailles
- St Peter's Basilica
- Kremlin
- Parliament

Ask your respondents to guess the names of the 4 great sites. After they guess, they will be able to bend up the paper graphic and see whether they've given the right answer.

Bonus credit:
Write a brief account of the people, scores and remarks of your respondents.

- The project is worth 5 pts and due Wed/Th.