Tuesday, January 31, 2012

How To Mardi Gras quizzes: the King Cake Quiz and the Purple, Green and Gold Quiz

King Cake Quiz
1. Louisiana's carnival season does not begin on a) Twelfth Night b) Epiphany c) Jan 6 d) Ash Wed.
2. Dionysian celebration: a) Greek b) Roman c) Persian.
3. Saturnalia: a) Greek b) Roman c) Persian.
4. Translate a) Carne: ___ b) vale: ___
5. Translate: "Lent."
6. Not one of the first 5 nations associated with carnival:
a) Italy b) Louisiana c) England d) Germany e) Spain
7. Earliest historic era in which Carnevale is written about: a) Medieval b) Renaissance c) Elizabethan.
8. One example of riotous Carnival behavior.
9. Shrove Tuesday: translate to "shrive:" __ __ __.
10. Female krewe of New Orleans.
11. European city that establishes the early carnival customs: a) Paris b) Venice c) London d) Munich.
12. First krewe of Louisiana.

Purple, green & gold quiz
1. Alabama location with considerable influence on New Orleans (NO) Carnival? The small city of __.
2. Public activity that was considered a basic pleasure of the pioneer days? ___
3. Slaves gathered on Sundays and danced in New Orleans in a special location, which was back of town. It was called __ __.
4. Louisiana's second oldest krewe?
5. Name one of the 3 customs established by Rex.
6. Etymology of “Rex:” in Latin it means __ .
7. List the chronological order of the founding of these crews: Comus, Rex and Zulu.
8. In Louisiana we call a cheap coin “throw” a __ .
9. Mardi Gras has neighborhood clubs that call themselves "gangs."
Are they a) MG Indians b) Drug organizations c) Brass bands.
10. When did jazz music begin? a) During the US Civil War b) about the turn of the century c) 1930's d) 1950's
11. What are the flambeaux? __
12. How long did French immigrants live in Nova Scotia before being expelled from the region they called Acadia and going on a journey that would take them to Louisiana? a) 50 b) 100 c) 200.
13. A French name for a community dance or a Cajun house party? a) a bon plaisir b) Laissez les bons temps rouler c) Fais do-do d) Mais, oui!