Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Lawrence of Arabia quiz: From Oxfordshire to Mecca

lawrence_of_arabia by studiokiekje
lawrence_of_arabia, a photo by studiokiekje on Flickr.

From Oxfordshire to Mecca / Lawrence of Arabia quiz
1. On his journey from London to Cairo, Lawrence's ship went through the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. His boat also had to traverse the a) English Channel
b) Suez Canal c) Red Sea d) Persian Gulf.
2. In Cairo the viewer sees Lt. Lawrence at his British Army work: a) demolitions
b) dossier c) cartography d) translating Arabic.
3. Lt. L. is sent to Saudi Arabia to observe the progress of the __ . a) Turks
b) Bedouins c) Persians d) camels.
4. The "Med" is not spelled a) Mediterranean
b) Mediterranean c) Mediterranean d) Mediterannean.
5. If your ship travels south from Cairo on the Red Sea your destination might be a) Greece b) Palestine c) Ethiopia d) Lebanon.
6. Body of water on the eastern side of the Arabian peninsula: a) Persian Gulf b) Indian Ocean c) Red Sea d) Nile R..
7. The capture of Damascus is the ultimate goal of the Bedouin forces.
Damascus is the capital of __. a) Syria b) Lebanon c) Iraq.
8. The south coast of the Arabian peninsula is part of a trade route connecting
a) India and East Africa b) Egypt and Europe c) Persia and China d) East Africa and West Africa.
9. Egypt's bordering nation on the northeast is a) Yemen b) Oman c) Israel
d) Lebanon.
10. Lawrence became expert at the __ camel. a) Bactrian b) Dromedary c) Persian d) Qu'ranic.
11. Lawrence leads Bedouin forces against the Turks from 1915 to 1918, says Wikipedia. This implies a) love of war b) consistent leadership
c) ethnocentrism d) enormous egotism.
12. Col. Brighton asserts that "Britain is a small country. What makes it great is __ . " a) discipline b) navy c) technology d) bravery.