Friday, February 17, 2012

Prince Feisal (later, King Feisal) quiz

King Feisal of Saudi Arabia by Mig_R
King Feisal of Saudi Arabia, a photo by Mig_R on Flickr.

Prince Feisal (later, King Feisal) quiz
1) In Arabia there is a conflict between the nomadic, tribal Bedouin peoples and the Turks, rulers of the Turkish Ottoman Empire - which includes Arabia. Who’s on the German side? a) Bedouins b) Turks.
2) “The Officer’s Mess” is a term for
a) a carelessly kept meeting room or b) the lounge area for the commissioned soldiers.
3) Arabian tribes are led by the wise, if weary,
a) Prince Feisal of Mecca b) Lloyd George c) Woodrow Wilson.
4) What is the attitude of L’s desert guide toward the British officer’s pistol carried by L.? a) curiosity b) extreme desire c) unconcern.
5) The Arabic word for canyon, usually a dry, rocky area between mesas, is “wadi.” What do the existence of these stone canyons say about the ancient geography of this region? a) centuries of wind erosion b) ancient waterways c) glaciation.
6) The tribal groups of the Harish versus the Hazimi: we conclude that murderous tribal warfare is a historic part of life in the vast desert. T / F
7 ) What kind of vessel is used to bring up water from the deep well in the desert? a) Goat skin b) wooden bucket c) woven-palm sort of basket-bucket.