Wednesday, March 14, 2012

African-style recycled art project due Mar 21-22

Precious Zipalya by daily threads
Precious Zipalya, a photo by daily threads on Flickr.

Use scraps of fabric, metal, plastic or other discarded materials - buttons, washers, parts cut from recyclable materials - to make an artistic representation of an item such as a truck, a face, a necklace, or an animal. The project honors the artistic recycling that is part of life in African nations as well as in other impoverished parts of the world.

Materials may be partly gathered on campus and partly on your own street. Glue the pieces to standard sheet of typing paper. Color the background! Due March 21 or 22.
Jazzy title. Explanatory notes on where you found the materials - that's called the provenance of the materials - and the object you created.
12 pts.