Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Peanut project: grow them in Valencia Community Garden or at home

As a long-term project I am looking for student-parent volunteers to grow a small patch of peanuts. Peanuts are a typical part of the diet across the continent of Africa. And peanuts are part of geography class study because they have diverse uses, such as being included in cosmetics, nitroglycerin, plastics, dyes and paints.

Valencia Community Garden is adjacent to Magnet - near the tennis courts. I can arrange for some space for a student peanut patch.

Your back yard or your grandfather's garden.

The project basics -
a) Order seed peanuts.
b) Research and assemble a paper on
1) peanut history and 2) growing technique.
3) Keep a Peanut Project journal.
c) Prepare the soil.
d) Plant.
e) Make a schedule for checking that they don't dry up if there's a drought.
f) Develop plans for a social studies project or science project based on the photos and written record of your project.
g) Harvest next school year.

10 pts or more indie credit.

China leads in production of peanuts, having a share of about 41.5% of overall world production, followed by India (18.2%) and the United States of America (6.8%).