Monday, March 19, 2012

Refugees' tales in the documentary "The Lost Boys of Sudan"

Lost Boys of Sudan vocab -
- Dinka tribe
- Nilotic people (live in the region of the Nile)
- confluence of rivers
- White Nile, aka Mountain Nile
- Blue Nile; origin is Ethiopia.
- refugees of civil war
- genocide - attempt to murder an entire group of people.
- Kenya
- Kakuma Refugee Camp
- East African pancakes: injera, anjerro or melawax.
- Islam
- Christian
- Acacia trees of E Af.
- Khartoum: capital of Sudan; located at Nile's confluence.
- Houston: 4th most populous US city with about 6 million.
- Striking skyscrapers downtown / new light rail for commuters.
- Texas Medical Center - one of the world's largest and most capable hospital centers.
- MD Anderson: the world's premier cancer center.
- Galleria: shopping center modeled on an 1890's mall in Milan, Italy.
- Rice Univ: prestigious school in Houston.

- NASA's Johnson Space Center is a $75 million, 180,000 square foot, 'edu-tainment' complex that has entertained and informed over 11 million guests from every corner of the globe.

- Houston Ship Channel: exports and imports.
- Galveston Island: tourism.

71.7 percent of Houston's resident drive to work alone.