Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zanzibar, Uganda and East Africa quiz

Uganda, East Africa by trudeau
Uganda, East Africa, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

1. Name the nation - from class notes - that is located farthest from the island of Zanzibar on the continent of Africa, continent of Africa. a) Morocco b) Nigeria c) Tanzania d) South Africa.
2. Name the type of ship used in connecting India and Africa: the ___ . a) Arabian b) dhow c) safari d) sloop.
3. Historic trade goods in this region of the world: ivory, spices and __. a) copper b) coral c) slaves d) petroleum.
4. Typical of valuable modern trade goods exported from the east coast of Africa: __ a) minerals b) textiles c) steel d) fish.
5. Geographers divide the continent of Africa, continent of Africa, into the region north and south of the immense arid region called the __ . a) Sahara b) Kalahari c) Great Rift Valley d) Horn of Africa.
6. Rafiki is a Swahili word for " __ ". a) lion b) monkey c) hello! d) friend.
7. A nation that is part of the 3500 mile Great Rift Valley: __ . a) Nigeria b) Ethiopia c) Egypt d) Morocco.
8. Wealthiest nation on the continent of Africa, content of Africa:
____ . a) South Africa b) Nigeria c) Egypt d) Kenya.
9. Nation that is located at the lowest part - at the mouth - of the Nile River: __ . a) Egypt b) Uganda c) Ethiopia d) Sudan.