Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Final exam mandatory comparison essay, 20 pts.

Choose any 2 topics from this semester in your notes or the blog.

- Qin Shih Huang Di and Siddhartha Gautama
- The Chinese Chow chow and Dromedary of the Arabian peninsula
- The movies "Not One Less" and "Lost Boys of Sudan"
- Mohandas K Gandhi and TE Lawrence

- Integrate, or blend, the topics. Do not write separate paragraphs and a summary on the two topics.

- Facts and details are the key to your points. Include events, dates, locations, descriptions.

- Documentation via "according to."

- Include comparison terms such as "but," "in addition to," "however," "therefore," etc.

- Jazzy title and colorful opening sentence.

For guidelines on the 50 open notes, multiple answer questions, scroll on.