Sunday, May 13, 2012

Not One Less: a guide for social studies students

Not One Less by é que te Mofo!
Not One Less, a photo by é que te Mofo! on Flickr.

Not One Less, a story of China

1) Not One Less is a movie whose dialogue is in a) Mandarin Chinese b) Cantonese Chinese c) Rural Chinese.

In the following prompts choose between a. Teacher Gao b) the Mayor c) Teacher Wei d) Zhang Huike.

2) Most frugal character.
3) Directly battling the drop-out rate.
4) Money conscious.
5) Menial work.
6) Moderating, or balancing, influence.
7) Strongest in allegiance.
8) Stubborn.
9) Happy-go-lucky.
10) Philosophical and accepting.

11) Chinese currency: a) yuan b) yen c) Chinese dollar.
12) Shuixian School is located near a) Xi’an b) Beijing c) Shanghai.
13) Symbol of pride in learning and efficient use of resources in the school: a) sending swift runner of the class to the sports specialty school b) flag c) chalk.
14) Type of humor which crosses cultural borders: a) religious b) political c) scatalogical d) sarcasm.
15) The director of Not One Less: a) Jet Li b) Zhang Huike c) Zhang Yimou d) Shi Huang Di.
16) Substitute Wei is about age a) 10 b) 13 c) 16 d) 18.
17) Why do 5 students sleep in the schoolroom? a) they live too far away to walk to school each day b) saving their money for college c) paying off family debt by work at the school.
18) "Keeping kids in school is harder than teaching them." Quote from
a) the mayor b) Wei c) Teacher Gao.
19) The manager of the brick factory donates money to Wei and her class and says, "Call me a philanthropist." a) Person who sees the bad in life but tries to remain good. b) Person who is philosophical about life c) Person who gives generously to public causes.