Sunday, August 12, 2012

A routine for a 90-minute class . . .

We shall nearly always open with a brief quiz.
- multiple choice, mostly.
- open notes and text.
- questions based on notes published on the class blog.

Sometimes a very brief essay will also be presented.

Afterwards students will quietly work on sketching, identifications and implications of the Map of the Day.

Students will write 3 multiple-choice questions upon the map material.

Presentation of the lesson of the day is next. To be offered by the teacher or a designated student.

Visual, often video-based instruction, is next: usually it will be a short film or slide series but several times in the year there are longer movies to watch in class.

Next we move to groups - guided by the teacher. A paper construction is to be created and labeled. Scissors, colors, glue and paper: good media for learning.

Next, there should be a brief time for stress relief activities centered around deep breathing and stretching.

Silent reading is next. Teens live in a world today in which there are a wild array of distractions and little time for reading. The skill of note taking is to be enhanced.

Questions designed to enhance the skill of reading comprehension follow the note.

Straightening the classroom before leaving is important to every class.