Sunday, August 19, 2012

A sloshingly flowing quiz for geo class

mississippi-river-tributaries by trudeau
mississippi-river-tributaries, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

1. The mounds at Poverty Point site are arranged in circular form around a central focal point. We call that a __ arrangement.
2. The architectural sites built by ancient Indigenous peoples have been neglected by historians because they were built from __ .
3. Monroe, Shreveport's latitudinal neighbor, lies upon the __ river. a) Ouachita b) Atachafalaya c) Pearl d) Sabine.
4. The principal trail used by Caddo people connected the state of __ to Louisiana.
5. Every day two great gifts arrive in Louisiana from distant Montana. They are the resources a) coal and electricity b) coal and timber
c) coal and water d) coal and petroleum.
6. Future conflicts between Louisiana and Texas may arise from claims of ownership in regards a key resource, __ .
7. In 3 sentences filled with rivers' names and types of resources, explain the importance of the Mississippi River Valley.