Sunday, August 26, 2012

An early look at this week's Robot quiz

Robot Dog by floris admiraal
Robot Dog, a photo by floris admiraal on Flickr.

The Robot quiz for non-robots

1. The high school-level social studies project is one that requires students to demonstrate competence in using the __ method.
2. Gathering evidence in the social studies project must be accomplished via quoting articles, books and at least one __ .
3. Which Arkansas mountain range is found the state's north? a) Ouachita b) Ozarks.
4. Which Texas city is notable for digging a ship channel to make the city a port? The channel connects the inland city with a bay and thus connects to the Gulf of Mexico.
__ .
5. In the NY Times story on robotics, the famous electronics giant, the Philips Corporation, is mentioned. Philips, inventor of the cassette tape (1962), is a company based in the nation of the __ .
6. "Video cameras guide them through feats well beyond the capability of the most dexterous human." "Dexterous" must mean a) having physical or mental agility b) high achievement in reading comprehension c) carefully trained.
7. The NY Times story suggests that 10 robots ("about a tenth as many as the plant in the Chinese city of Zhuhai") can equal the labor of __ humans. a) 20 b) 50
c) 100 d) 1000.
8. Name of the much-publicized Chinese manufacuring giant that makes iPhones, among many products: a) Foxconn b) Zuhai c) Flextronics.