Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Assignment: illustrated lesson on the Caddo, the indigenous people of this region, due Fri, Aug 16

Native people:

1. originating or occurring naturally (in a country, region, etc.); native
2. innate (to); inherent (in)
[from Latin indigenus, from indigena indigene, from indi- in + gignere to beget]

The Texas Trail, aka Hwy 80, today's I-20, was originally the Caddo Trail. It was probably a series of broad but shady clearings owing to controlled burning of the underbrush and maintenance of the canopy trees.

Assignment for Fri, Aug 16, 10 pts -

- Research and create a one-page (in your notebook) illustrated map.
- Explanatory title at top.
- Name in upper right corner.
- Color.
- Basic map identifications.
- Neatness of line and lettering.
- Reflects reading about Caddo life: tattoos, hair styles, jewelry, dwelling, typical tree.
- Documentation (source or sources) in lower right corner.
- Creative response encouraged.