Thursday, November 29, 2012

British Empire quiz

Historic London pop-up map  by trudeau
Historic London pop-up map , a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

1. In the earliest phase of UK history, the English conquered their neighbors to the north: __. a) Scots b) Irish c) Welsh d) French.
2. The English also won conquest of their neighbors on a nearby island: __ . a) Scots b) Irish c) Welsh d) French.
3. The English defeated their immediate western neighbors, the __ people. a) Scots b) Irish c) Welsh d) French.
4. The British controlled one strategic territory in the Mediterranean: the island of __ .
5. In West Africa the English left a legacy in controlling the nation of __ .
6. The British won the diamonds and gold in South Africa. The capital of that nation is __ .
7. Several nations in East Africa - land of ivory and spices - were long managed by the British. Name one of them: __ .
8. In the Middle East the English controlled Jordan, Iraq and Palestine, today called __ .
9. India was a valuable land of gemstones, gold and spices. The British controlled much of India for over 200 years. The capital is Delhi. On the east is Kolkata. On the west is the city nicknamed Bollywood: __ .
10. Based on its dominance in India, would you guess that the English were also rulers of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Burma? a) yes b) no.
11. The Dutch controlled Indonesia - oil and coffee - and the French controlled Vietnam - rubber and gemstones - while the British controlled the city at the end of the Malay Peninsula: __ .
12. Opium and pearls were part of the British profit from the island city on the South China Sea called __ __ .
13. One of the world's most active ports - near the mouth of the Yangtze River and on the East China Sea - was an important profit center of the British: a) Beijing b) Taipei c) Shanghai d) Hong Kong.
14. The British made Australia a colony - land, sheep and minerals were valuable - but a student can examine the names of New Zealand's cities and guess that the French were the colonizers of New Zealand. T / F
15. Vancouver was long a British possession. T / F
16. In the northern nation of __, the British profit center was fur and timber. a) Iceland b) Denmark c) Canada d) Russia.
17. In the Caribbean, the money lay in sugar and spices. Port of Spain is capital of the island of __.
18. Indigenous people the TaĆ­no called this island "Xaymaca," which meant the "Land of Springs". The Spanish called it Santiago. The British called it __ .
19. This city was called New Amsterdam when it was colonized by the Dutch. When the British took possession it was renamed for the Duke of __ .
20. Based on the names found on the islands of the Bahamas and Bermuda, would you guess that both these islands or only one of them was colonized by the British? a) one b) both.