Sunday, November 25, 2012

Mapping a global adventure undertaken by MI6 Agent 007, James Bond

Sketch the outline of a world map over a 2-page spread.

Identify city and nation - in color - and bodies of water in James Bond's journey across cities that were once owned by the British.

1. London
2. Dublin
3. Gibraltar
4. Lagos, Nigeria
5. Cape Town, South Africa
6. Nairobi, Kenya
7. Mocha, Yemen
8. Jerusalem, Palestine (today, Israel)
9. Baghdad, Iraq
10. Mumbai (Bombay), India
11. Delhi, India
12. Kolkata (Calcutta), India
13. Singapore, formerly Malaysia
14. Hong Kong, China
15. Sydney, Australia
16. Port of Spain, Trinidad
17. Kingston, Jamaica
18. NYC
19. Toronto, Canada
20. St George's, Bermuda

- Five multiple-choice questions on the locations or resources of these colonies.And please add a colored Union Jack.

- Title, neatness, completeness: 15 pts.