Sunday, November 25, 2012

Traveling the globe with James Bond: the Skyfall quiz

Morgan, Purvis, Wade and Logan: the Skyfall quiz

1. The Bond movie opens in an ancient city located at the edge of two continents, Europe and Asia. The city: a) Jerusalem b) Cairo c) Istanbul d) Athens.
2. The James Bond series, from novels to the movies and actors, is a product of people based in __. a) England b) USA c) Ireland d) Canada.
3. The Bond movies began in the 1960's with "Dr. No," which was released __ years ago. a) 20 b) 30 c) 40 d) 50.
4. The quest in Skyfall is for a list of undercover agents working for the Western, democratic nations. Their organization is __ . a) G20 b) NATO c) WTO d) GDP.
5. Eve Moneypenny is played by the British actress a) Thandie Newton b) Naomi Campbell c) Naomie Harris d) Carmen Ejogo.
6. "M" is the title given the person commanding the British intelligence command, aka __ . a) MIA b) MI6 c) MDA d) Z.
7. In Skyfall, the principal role of M is played by a) John Huston b) Edward Fox c) Queen Elizabeth d) Judi Dench.
8. Fighting the assassin Patrice, Bond sustains a wound that will provide an important clue in later action. He was assaulted by a __ . a) knife b) gun
c) hypodermic needle d) cyanide capsule.
9. Bond follows Patrice to a port city filled with futuristic office towers and hotels: __ . a) Hong Kong b) Macau c) Beijing d) Shanghai.
10. In the assassin's glass-cutting kit Bond finds a gold and red disc imprinted with a dragon and Chinese lettering. Viewers learn that the disc is a __ .
a) king's coin b) sign of the Chinese mafia c) gambling chip d) computer chip.
11. What essential role was played by the men above: Morgan, Purvis, Wade and Logan? a) writers b) directors c) designers d) producers.

More to come.

Answers found in the top-secret source called "W," or Wikipedia.