Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Quiz - Harlem to Hamburg in the 1930's, the Great Depression as well as theSwing Jazz Era

Harlem swing in the 1930's by trudeau
Harlem swing in the 1930's, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Harlem to Hamburg
1. Hamburg is in the ___ of Germany. a) north west b) southwest c) center d) Rhineland.
2. In Bavaria, the southeast of Germany, is the city of __ . a) Frankfurt b) Munich c) Bonn d) Cologne.
3. The westernmost borough of NYC: a) Manhattan b) Bronx c) Brooklyn d) Staten Island.
4. City that has a neighborhood named for the Dutch city of Haarlem. a) Los Angeles b) NYC c) Chicago d) Hamburg.
5. Two small islands in NY harbor: one has a museum of US Immigration, one bears a giant statue. There's one correct answer: a) Statue of Peace and Harmony b) Ellis Is. c) Roosevelt Is. d) Statue of Democracy.
6. The body of water that separates Long Is, the Queens and Connecticut is a bay with an archaic name: Long Island __. a) Bay
b) Sound c) Cape d) Peninsula.
7. Name the 3 island boroughs that surround New York harbor: Long Is, Staten Is and __ Is. a) Manhattan b) Liberty c) Brooklyn d) Ellis.
8. On the Northeast of Germany is the __ __ coast, which is shared with Poland and Sweden. a) Baltic Sea b) North Sea c) Atlantic Ocean d) Arctic Ocean.
9. A great port city in the north of Germany is close to the North Sea: a) Munich b) Berlin c) Bonn d) Hamburg.
10. The Gestapo executed their nefarious duties while driving sedans made by __ .
a) Rolls Royce b) Peugot c) Ferrari d) Mercedes.
11. In which nation do we find the origin of the Rhine River? a) Switzerland b) Germany
c) Netherlands d) Austria.
12. In the East, near the border with Poland, is the capital of the Deutsche. __ a) Bonn
b) Berlin c) Bach d) Bremen.