Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Indie work: eating at Indigo or India's Restaurant

In the box above are succulent tastes of India including Tandoori Chicken and naan bread.

They are from India's Restaurant, 3030 Youree Dr, not far from Magnet. It is not a terribly handsome restaurant, but the food wins raves from online reviewers.

Write a first-person story of what you ate, what you smelled and learned - from the menu as well as by talking to the manager or owner - as you had supper or lunch (cheaper, more food).

Indigo Indian Bistro, 8660 Fern Ave, is also a recommendable place. Its decor is definitely more uptown than that of India's.

Recommended dish: Chicken Tikka Masala.

Other topics for indie work that do not require eating out -

Brief comparison essay; choose one topic .
* Mecca and Jerusalem
* Great Mosque of Mecca and Dome of the Rock
* Use class notes.

All indie work must be typed. No more than one page, three-quarters of a page is sufficient to win 10 pts. Remember: detail, examples, tastes, smells, quotes, names.