Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pranayama. Asana. Masala.

1. Describe the peninsula described as the "pointed tooth."
2. What is the direction of this sub continent's continental drift?
3.What adhumitrious (organically explosive) rocky upheaval has been screwed upward by the continental collision?
4. What is the Indus and its function?
5. The Brahmaputra and the Ganges lie on opposite sides of the Himalayas and yet they flow together. How so?
6. The Great Indian Desert is called the __ Desert.
7. When does monsoon occur? Not, "Soon!"
8. Who are the sherpas and what do they do?
9. The Ganges delta is a powerful center for ag. What nation does it affect?
10. There is a name for a type of farming in which you barely stay ahead of starvation. It is called __ farming.
11. Tossing pigmented power upon each other: the __ Festival.
12. There are 3 ways in which Bangladesh is distinct. Name them.
13. The Taj Mahal is decorated with verses from the __ .
14. What is that entity known simply as K2?
15. Name 5 nations associated with the craggy ranges to the East and Wes of India.
16. Please define
a) Pranayama
b) Asana and
c) Masala.