Thursday, May 02, 2013

Tsunami / Earthquake and Nuclear Power Plant Meltdown Quiz

1. Fukushima is located on the Japanese island of a) Kyushu b) Honshu c) Hokkaido
d) Shikoku.
2. The nuclear meltdown occurred in a )1986 b) 2011 c) 2013.
3. The fuel rods in a nuclear reactor are made of a) steam b) heavy water c) coolant
d) uranium.
4. Electricity-producing nuclear plants begin by producing a) steam b) heavy water c) coolant
d) uranium.
5. Power reactors work by splitting __ in a chain reaction. a) fuel rods b) atoms c) coolant
d) uranium.
6. Fukushima's seawall was about 20' tall; the tsunami's height was about a) 49' b) 99'
c) 149'.
7. The meltdown could've been avoided by preventing flooding of the basement of the turbine buildings, location of the emergency diesel __ . a) generators b) reactors c) cafeteria
d) thermal producers.
8. The key failure in the Fukushima disaster: a) mechanical factors b) human factors.
9. Basically, the Fukushima meltdown was unavoidable. T / F
10. Japan has numerous renewable energy alternatives, including wind turbine, hydroelectric, solar energy and __ power, seen in the numerous volcanic mountains of the nation.
a) nuclear b) steam c) tidal d) geothermal