Monday, January 16, 2017

Review questions, Letter From Birmingham Jail, Robert Trudeau

Review questions, Letter From Birmingham Jail:

1. Why would clergymen call King's protest march in Birmingham, Ap. 1963, "unwise and untimely"?
2. King says to call him an "outsider coming in" is incorrect. Why is he not that?
3.What are the 2 great Mediterranean nations from which the US and Europeans have derived Western Culture?
4. North of Greece is a small nation in which Alexander the Great was born. __
5. A person who has a narrow point of view and usually lacks full educational attainment.
6. A phrase that means documentation of abuse.
7. "If I do this, will you do that?" __
8. Getting mentally prepared to be arrested, to be hit with sticks and to spend time in jail. __ __ .
9. Sitting at the front of the bus - as a black person in 1963, Alabama. __ __ .
10. Period in which action is halted. __ .
11. A boycott: __ __ __ .
12. "People will not be happy to hear this but we will march on Main St on Tues." __ __ .
13. Greek who taught young men by asking them question after question. __ .
14. Not being held back. __ .
15. In ancient Greece, a person who would, " sting people and whip them into a fury, all in the service of truth." __ .
16. As a comedian I perform alone; I do a __ .
17. While it means one thousand years, among Christians it may refer to a Golden Age or Paradise on Earth in which "Christ will reign" for 1000 years prior to the final judgment.
18. "That is the way it is, son. That's the way it always has been." __ __
19. An expert in matters of law. __ 20. African Americans slavery began some __ years ago.
21. African American population today: a) 20 b) 45 c) 80 million. That is 14% of US population, says the 2013 census.
22. Wealthy. __ .
23. A deep chasm. __ .
24. This case overturned the Plessy v. Ferguson decision of 1896, which allowed state-sponsored segregation in public education. __ _ __ _ __ _ __
25. St Thomas Aquinas, Martin Buber and Paul Tillich: which philosopher-theologian represents the ancient world?
26. Separation. __
27. Chaos owing to lack of governmental structure. __ .
28. The US' First Amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to __ __ or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.
29. Refusal to obey certain laws, demands, or commands of a government. __ __ .
30. Political protest by the Sons of Liberty in 1773 in which some of the demonstrators were disguised as American Indians. __ __ __ .
31. In 1933 Hitler’s government, under a ‘law’ passed by the Cabinet, had set up a programme in secret to ‘purify’ the German ‘race’, namely to sterilise the handicapped, ‘undesirables’ and the incurably insane. Rooted in this ‘law’ was the ‘mercy killing’ confidential order, issued and signed by Hitler on his personal headed note-paper in October 1939. It directly resulted in the planned murder of thousands of the handicapped. __ __ __ .
32. A perhaps surprising group of people is singled out by King as a stumbling block in the march towards freedom: __ __.
33. King says that Socrates should not have been condemned simply because of his philosophical inquiries and devotion to truth. Nor should King's demonstrations be condemned because his peaceful demonstrations often resulted in violence by the police. His actions did not __ __ .
34. A lament for the dead. __ .
35. A feeling of uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements. __ .
36. The dominant school of thought that typifies and influences the culture of a particular period in time. __ .
37. German priest who wrote about the corruption of the Catholic church. __ __ .
38. Third president of the US, slaveowner and principal author of the Declaration of Independence. __ __ .
39. To deprive of feeling or awareness. __ .
40. Making a show - in a silly way - of being morally superior to other people. __ __ .
41. Non religious: __ .
42. Two acts of the Romans which were opposed by Christians: __ and death by __ .
43. A provision of a law enacting a penalty for disobedience or areward for obedience. __ .
44. American poet. __ __ .
45. Air Force veteran and the first African-American student admitted to the segregated University of Mississippi. __ __ .
46. "Keeping it real." __ .
47. Not relating to the topic at hand. __ .
48. In 1620 the Pilgrims landed in Massachusetts from the Mayflower. The first Africans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619.
49. The religious cultural framework of the US and most of Europe. __ __ __ .
50. "Oppressed people cannot remain oppressed forever." Can you find an exception to this assertion?