Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Each student team follows a nation this semester

- The class will benefit from the student teams that follow a nation.
- You may choose to do an online scrapbook or a folder / physical scrapbook.
- Three students per team.
- Report to the class at the end of each nine weeks.
- News items must be edited to brief, simplified stories.

Report includes
- Politics: type of govt and issues being faced.
- Businesses: names and brief descriptions of leading companies, esp ones recognized by Americans.
- Cuisine: what they like to eat. Also, issues related to producing their food and to their diet.
- Music: their favorite types of music, names of singers, etc.
- Terrain of an outstanding nature.
- Weather and climate and issues that relate to climate.
- Celebrities and why they are notable.
- Artists and their famous works, whether writers, painters, sculptors, choreographers or composers.
- Recycling and energy conservation projects.

Offsetting Nature-deficit Disorder by visiting Coates Bluff Nature Trail

"The more we exile ourselves from nature, the more we crave its miracle waters. Just as our ancient ancestors drew animals on cave walls and carved animals from wood and bone, we decorate our homes with animal prints and motifs, give our children stuffed animals to clutch, cartoon animals to watch, animal stories to read." Diane Ackerman, NY Times

"But what if, through novelty and convenience, digital nature replaces biological nature? Studies show that we’ll suffer. Richard Louv writes of widespread “nature-deficit disorder” among children who mainly play indoors — something new in the history of humankind. He sees it leading to attention problems, obesity, depression and lack of creativity. Adults suffer equally. Patients with a view of trees heal faster than those forced to stare at city buildings."