Friday, September 30, 2011

The Leo Fender and Red Hot Chili Peppers Quiz

Fender P Bass Special by trudeau
Fender P Bass Special, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Leo Fender and the Red Hot Chili Peppers quiz

1. Which plate is moving northward? a) North American plate b) Pacific
plate c) Mexican plate d) Baja plate.
2. One of these is rubbery; one is a metalloid chemical element,
typically found in a dioxide. Which one is used integrated chips? a)
Silicone b) Silicon c) Sillicon d) Sillicone.
3. California's population is about __ times that of Louisiana. a) 3
b) 5 c) 8 d) 11.
4. Which fellow was considered the diplomat in early Caddo Parish
history? a) Tarshar b) Henry Shreve c) Larkin Edwards d)
5. Louisiana has a Humid Subtropical climate type. California has a __
climate. a) European b) Caribbean c) Desert d) Mediterranean.
6. An equinox occurs twice a year, when the tilt of the Earth's axis
is a) inclined away from the Sun b) inclined towards the Sun c) the
center of the Sun is in the same plane as the equator.
7. Which high-tech company is notably Not headquartered in Silicon
Valley? a) Microsoft b) EBay c) Facebook d) Google
e) H-P.
8. Education - especially advanced study in a university - is the
force that energizes the developments made in Silicon Valley.
Which university is farthest away from this region? a) UCLA b) UC
Berkeley c) Stanford d) Harvard.
9. Which university is most closely associated with Silicon valley? a)
UCLA b) UC Berkeley c) Stanford d) Harvard.
10. There is a Louisiana population in the Bay Area of San
Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley. Name the La-Cal connection that is more
likely than the others. a) Af-Am residents of La and Tx migrated
westward in the post-WWII years in search of better jobs. b) Vast oil
fields surrounding San Francisco Bay drew La residents who had
background in oil drilling. c) Fine restaurants in San Francisco hired
numerous Creole chefs from La.
d) Sugar cane and cotton fields around Oakland drew many La farm workers.
11. Louisiana's per capita (per person) income is ___ as the average
income in the US. a) lower b) higher c) about the same
12. Tibet is a region in the nation of __ . a) Russia b) China c)
Afghanistan d) Pakistan.

Sat, Oct 1, Water Haul: from Stoner Boat Launch to Magnet

The theme of geography class in 2011-12 is the growing value of h2o, or water.

Thus I want to make a video of students carrying a bucket of water from the Red River to Magnet.

Most of the people on planet earth are somehow engaged in hauling water each day. It is not easy. But it is necessary.

In the US we take water for granted. This video is designed to remind us how the rest of the world lives.

Please join me at Stoner Boat Launch at 10 am on Sat.
5 pts or more of bonus credit.
Parents are welcome to hang out with us as we make the trek!
We will be done in no more than an hour.
Please drop me an email if you plan to attend:
Phone is OK, too: 272 6045.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Chicago, the Windy City, the capital of the Midwest

Chicago by trudeau
Chicago, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

The Windy City, the capital of the Midwest

1. Metro population?
2. Population rank in the US?
3. Chicago founded on a portage between 2 bodies of water. __ and __
4. 2nd busiest airport in the world?
5. Which recent president has been a representative from greater Chicago?
6. The first non-indigenous settler was Jean Baptiste du __ . He was a fellow of mixed ethnicity, including __ and __ .
7. The name Chicago is a French rendering of a name in a native American language.
8. In 1893, Chicago hosted the World's Fair, called the World's Columbian Exposition. It drew 27.5 million visitors, and is considered the most influential world's fair in history.
9. The 1920s brought notoriety to Chicago as gangsters, including the notorious Al Capone, battled each other and law enforcement on the city streets during the Prohibition era.
10. 2 musicians.
11. 3 politicians.
12. Ethnic groups.
13. 2 tv shows and a radio show.
14. Bar graph: the major ethnic groups (totals, percentage and colored graph) of 3 cities: LA, Chicago, NYC.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de Los Angeles del Rio de Porciuncula

Magnet geography Los Angeles by trudeau
Magnet geography Los Angeles, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

LA's full name:
The town of Our Lady (mother of Jesus in Roman Catholic parlance), Queen of the Angels of the River Porciuncula.

Notes -
- Watts Towers - primitive art by an Italian immigrant in a neighborhood that became a major Af-Am ghetto.

ghetto: Italian word which means "the section where the Jews live." Jewish ghettos in Europe existed because Jews were viewed as alien due to being a cultural minority and due to their non-Christian beliefs in a Renaissance Christian environment, says Wikipedia.

- Rodeo Drive - posh shopping district.
- RMS Queen Mary, retired steam liner twice the size of the Titanic.
- Disneyland dates from 1955.
- LaBrea Tar Pits: Asphaltum or tar (brea in Spanish) has seeped up from the ground in this area for tens of thousands of years. Over many centuries, animals that came to drink the water fell in, sank in the tar, and were preserved as bones. Ex: mammoths, sloths and saber-toothed tiger.
- Hollywood Hills: an affluent and exclusive neighborhood in the Santa Monica Mountains. By 1915 the movie business had largely relocated here from NYC.
- Chinatown Los Angeles
- Venice Beach & Boardwalk: people watching and trendy shopping.
- The J Paul Getty Museum and LA County Museum of Art: major art centers.
- Warner brothers Studios: take a tour!
- Beverly Hills: a posh municipality next door to Bel Air, Holmby Hills and West Hollywood.
- Marina Del Rey: major yacht harbor near LAX and Venice.
- Knott's Berry Farm: famous theme park.
- LA Farmer's Market: The most famous such market in the US.
- Walt Disney Concert Hall: radical building housing a center for orchestral music. Design is by LA architect Frank Gehry.
- Malibu: 27 miles of beaches; a celeb-studded coastline.

"Southern California saw a huge surge in palm tree plantings during the 1920s and 1930s, many of which still line L.A. streets today," says LA Almanac.

Talent Show meeting on Wed after school and Thurs before school

Class of 2015 Talent Show Info update on Wed after school (3:40 - 4:05) and Thurs before school (8:05 - 8:25).

This Oct 14 event is going to be one of Magnet's best ever!

1. Rehearsals require 1 week of after-school commitment.
Mon, Oct 10 - Fri, Oct 14. 3:45 till 5 pm. Presenting a quality show requires numerous run-throughs.
Those who need to leave earlier than 5 pm because of transportation considerations, please see Annie and Mr T.

2. Excellent behavior is required at all times. Whether in rehearsal or performance, I will expect you to respond to each other with kindness and consideration. Rehearsals are not a time to simply chat with classmates. All must be quiet and attentive to business.

3. Submit your theme ideas to Annie.

4. Script writers are needed.

5. Clarity of speech and vocal volume are priorities for MC's. Only musical performers will have mics.

6. As much as possible, students should make decisions and guide each other. I want this to be a show written, performed and produced by 14 year olds. Take this opportunity to show growth as independent young adults.

7. You may invite your classmates from other schools to attend the show. Make sure they are aware that their behavior will have to be first-rate.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Comparing Los Angeles and Chicago, Oct 3 - 4

Magnet fine arts / Chicago by trudeau
Magnet fine arts / Chicago, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Compare 2 cities using a graphic chart (10 pts)

1) Etymology of the names Los Angeles and Chicago. Explanation of the implications of that name.
Ex: The name "Chicago" implies a respect for indigenous cultures since it is derived from the Miami-Illinois language. Since it is a French version of a word from the indigenous people, we are reminded that French explorers and traders were important part of the early American landscape.

2) Population numbers and the industries that support the population. Connecting masses of people to the ways in which people make a living represents a higher thinking skill. List the top 3 industries listed for each city.

3) Geography and successful cities: describe the ways that location has enhanced the success of each city.
Ex: Look at the ships on your LA notes.

4) Culture: list 3 attractions (attraction: a visitor-oriented center for fun) for each city that help establish their differences. Ex: LA has Disneyland. Does Chicago?

5) Map: include a US map that uses color to spotlight the city. Use color to show lines of connection that illustrate extended trade.

- Smashing title
- Informal documentation.
- One sheet.
- Neatness counts.

Mult-choice, open notes class notes quiz Wed-Th, 9-28,29

Prepare your notes on . . .
- Silicon Valley
- California
- San Andreas Fault
- Henry Miller Shreve, the Red River, Larkin Edwards & Bayou Pierre

Some 12 to 15 pts.

samples -

1. Which high-tech company is notably Not headquartered in Silicon Valley? a) Microsoft b) EBay c) Facebook d) Google
e) H-P.
2. Education - especially advanced study in a university - is the force that energizes the developments made in Silicon Valley.
Which university is farthest away from this region? a) UCLA b) UC Berkeley c) Stanford d) Harvard.
3. There is a Louisiana population in the Bay Area of San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley. Name the La-Cal connection that is more likely than the others. a) Af-Am residents of La and Tx migrated westward in the post-WWII years in search of better jobs. b) Oil fields surrounding San Fancisco Bay drew La residents who had background in oil drilling. c) Fine restaurants in San Francisco hired numerous Creole chefs from La.
d) Sugar cane and cotton fields around Oakland drew many La farm workers.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

"Equal day and night:" the Equinox

Thin-walled glass globe by trudeau
Thin-walled glass globe, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

An equinox occurs twice a year, when the tilt of the Earth's axis is inclined neither away from nor towards the Sun, the center of the Sun being in the same plane as the Earth's equator.

The name "equinox" is derived from the Latin aequus (equal) and nox (night), because around the equinox, the night and day have approximately equal length.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Geologists to visit 3 geography classes on Fri.

Thanks to Rachel Hill of the Shreveport Geologists Assoc we will have guest speakers on Fri in 2 classes:

Mike Roberts will speak at 9 a.m.
Craig Barclay will speak at 11:50 a.m.
David Benscoter will speak at 2 p.m.

They will talk about their work, careers in geology and fault lines.

Magnet geography: Los Angeles

Magnet geography: Los Angeles by trudeau
Magnet geography: Los Angeles, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Los Angeles is the most populous city in California and the second most populous in the United States, after New York City,[4] on a land area of 468.67 square miles.

Often known by its initials LA, the city is the focal point of the larger Los Angeles-Long Beach-Riverside combined statistical area, which contains nearly 17.8 million people and which is one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world and the second largest in the United States.

The Los Angeles coastal area was first settled by the Tongva or Gabriele├▒os and Chumash Native American tribes thousands of years ago.

Los Angeles was founded in 1781 by Spanish governor Felipe de Neve. It became a part of Mexico in 1821.

In 1848, at the end of the Mexican–American War, Los Angeles and the rest of California were purchased as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, thereby becoming part of the United States. Los Angeles was incorporated in 1850.

Los Angeles enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with an average of 35 days with measurable precipitation annually.

Los Angeles is subject to earthquakes due to its location on the Pacific Ring of Fire. The geologic instability has produced numerous faults, which cause approximately 10,000 earthquakes annually.[44] One of the major faults is the San Andreas Fault. Located at the boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate, it is predicted to be the source of Southern California's next big earthquake.

Indie work: comparison essays

Indie work / bonus credit

This week's comparison - choose one:

- Steve Jobs (Apple) and Bill Gates (Microsoft).
- Sergei Brin and Larry Page (Google) and Pierre Omidyar (EBay).
- Evan Wiliams (Blogger, Twitter) and Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia).

Up to 10 pts.
- Follow guidelines for comparison essays.
- Typed, delivered in class.
- Once a week; limit 2 per month.
- Brief - less than a page, double spaced.

Poster as described above worth up to 3 pts., not 5.

Healthy snack walking tour of Magnet campus on Wed

FruitBowl1 by trudeau
FruitBowl1, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

It's important to take a small hike to view the area where Larking Edwards once had his trading post. We will take sidewalks to the Valencia park side of the campus. There we will also view the Valencia Community Garden.

Students will get bonus pts for bringing fruit or nuts or an otherwise top grade nutritious snack.

As a social studies teacher I must say the issue facing Louisiana and many states is community health. Also to be considered is the idea of prevention rather than reaction.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Magnet geography / comparison essays & California map

Notice the long cargo ships crossing the Pacific from China, Japan, Philippines, S Korea, etc.

They are carrying the consumer goods that we purchase in Target, Walmart and the Family Dollar.

The cheap labor and smart manufacturing process of the Chinese and other East Asian nations coincides with the loss of most manufacturing jobs in the US.

Larkin Edwards and Henry M Shreve: Two pioneers of NW La

A brief comparison of Larkin Edwards and Henry M Shreve. Here's a teacher's sample essay:

The Diplomat and The Engineer: a comparison of Larkin Edwards and Henry Miller Shreve

"Rnnnggg-rnggr," was the sound made by the winches on the work boat designed by Henry Miller Shreve. It was snagboat. Its task was to wrench giant logs from the muck of the Red River as Shreve led the clearing of the Great Raft. A few miles away another pioneer, Larkin Edwards, smoked a peace pipe with Tarshar, chief of the Caddo people.

By learning the language of the Caddo the thoughtful Edwards was able to help the tribe as their interpreter, says In the 1835 negotiations which led to the US take-over of the Caddo lands in the Red River Valley, Edwards was given a gift of one square mile of land. He sold that land to the speculators who founded Shreve Town.

Meanwhile, the clearing of the river channel by Shreve ensured that settlers would fill the North Louisiana river bottom. In the process of clearing the raft, Shreve happened to cut off the river bend in which Edwards had established a store and post office. Edwards' site, the Coates Bluff landing on Stoner Hill, lost its river traffic and business.

But the port of Shreve Town prospered.

Guidelines for comparison essays in social studies

California with Jennifer by trudeau
California with Jennifer, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

The rubric (required elements) that will guide comparison essay essay writing in geography class includes:

1. Colorful opening. There are 3 recommended ways to create an interest-getting opening: a) use a quote b) ask a question c) write with vivid description.

2. Blend the topics continually in the paper. Do not write a block of material about one topic and then write a separate block about the other topic. Integrate the topics as you offer insight and evidence.

3) Use comparison terms:
* different from,
* the same,
* Both,
* similar to,
* Neither, ... nor,
* like X is (adjective),
* ... than X is (adverb) than.
* both, ...
* either...or
* likewise
* similarly
* although,
* but neither...
* nor
* however
* on the other hand

4. Specific examples must be used to support generalities. An example: generality - The Incredibles was an awesome movie. specific - The Incredibles appealed to me because the characters (especially the mom and the teen sister) were believable. They sounded like people I know.

5. Grammar counts.

6. Spelling, too. When in doubt, see a dictionary or ask me.

7. Punctuation is paramount. Again, ask me or your Grammar Check software.

8. Include documentation via "according to ...". This means include your source - from World Book to your little brother - in the body of your writing. Usually you place it at the end of the first or second sentence, says Grammar For Today.

9. Write a snappy title. Ways to make a title fun are to tweak a song or movie title or use alliteration. Also, write an explanatory subtitle. Example: "Dinkas are Incredibles;" "Many refugees from the Sudanese Dinka tribe have moved from poverty in east Africa to comfort in the US."

10. Finally, please don't put quotation marks around your title - unless you are quoting someone.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Demographics: the study of populations

A selection of demographic measurements of Louisiana as contrasted with the US statistics - from the US Census Bureau.

Per capita income
La / US
Persons below poverty level
Bachelor's degree or higher
Persons of Latino or Hispanic origin
American Indian
Black persons
Caucasian pop.
Pop. increase, 2000 - 2010

The most populous state: California

California is by far the most populous U.S. state,[6] and the third-largest by land area (after Alaska and Texas), says Wikipedia.

It is home to the nation's second- and sixth-largest census statistical areas (Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and San Francisco Bay Area), and eight of the nation's fifty most populated cities (Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco, Fresno, Sacramento, Long Beach and Oakland).[7] The capital city is Sacramento.

The name California is thought to be from a Spanish mythological tale, the tale of Queen Calafia.

At some 37 million, California's population is greater than that of all but 34 countries of the world.[42][43] Also, Los Angeles County has held the title of most populous U.S. county for decades, and it alone is more populous than 42 U.S. states.

Louisiana's pop. is some 4.5 million. Shreveport's pop is about 200,000. Bossier's is about 60,000. Together the metropolitan population is about half a million.

Inside Silicon Valley: the Google campus and many other world-class info companies

Silicon Valley is a term, says Wikipedia, which refers to the southern part of the San Francisco Bay Area in Northern California in the United States.

The region is home to many of the world's largest technology corporations.[1] The term originally referred to the region's large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but eventually came to refer to all the high-tech businesses in the area.

Among the numerous tech companies in this region, which is sparked by the enormous brain power at Stanford Univ -

- H-P, or Hewlett-Packard
- Intel, a chip manufacture and design comany.
- Apple, where Steve Jobs has been king.
- EBay
- Paypal.
- Google, founded by Larry Page and Sergei Brin.
- YouTube.
- Blogger.
- Twitter.

The major exception is Microsoft and Bill Gates. They are in Seattle (Redmond, Wa).

Spaceship Earth graphic project due Mon, 10 pts

Earth globe by planetaryvisions
Earth globe, a photo by planetaryvisions on Flickr.

Copy and print or sketch a circular earth globe that principally shows Asia, such as this example.

1. All sections lightly colored.
2. Identify Pacific, Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea.
3. Identify China, Japan, N & S Korea, Indonesia and India.
4. Identify the equator.
5. Annotate the map with 5 factoids or mappoids of your choice. An ex: Himalayan Range, the Chinese region of Tibet, population of China, pop. of India, etc.
6) Documentation (Satellite Imagemap / for the one here) in lower right corner.
7. Print name(s), date & hour in upper right.
8. Jazzy title that includes the terms "spaceship earth" and "6.8 billion."
9. It will remain in your notebook.
10. Neatness counts - 1 pt.

California map quiz next Wed

Mental mapping -

Students will be able to sketch a map of California that includes the following notations:
- 3 neighboring states and I nation, labelled in the proper locations.
- Pacific Ocean
- Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento
- Sierra Nevada range
- Mojave Desert
- San Andreas Fault
- Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley is the high-tech center south of San Francisco and near Stanford Univ (Palo Alto). Here we see the headquarters of companies such as Google, Intel, H-P, Apple, Ebay and Facebook.
San Jose, ca, is considered the center of Silicon Valley.

Silicon is the principal component of most semiconductor devices - such as integrated circuits or microchips.

California's tectonic vulnerability: the big one is expected any time

san-andreas-fault-map by trudeau
san-andreas-fault-map, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Plates that will crack in a spectacular and nation-affecting way: the San Andreas Fault in California

A number of experts say that California is due for a large earthquake; likely a quake that would emanate from the San Andreas fault line, which runs under much of Southern California.

During such an earthquake, waves would become trapped in the sediment underneath Los Angeles, causing 7.8-level tremors that could shake the area for up to two minutes, says the University of Southern California Daily Trojan.

The seismic waves are unpredictable, so logistics of exactly where this earthquake will hit cannot be specified. The Uniform California Earthquake Rupture Forecast, however, believes Los Angeles does face a 67 percent chance of a 6.7-magnitude earthquake or greater sometime in the next 30 years. The chance of a similar quake striking anywhere in California in the same time frame is 99.7 percent.

Jordan noted that California is not bracing itself for a specific earthquake, but that there are many possible “big ones.” Though the San Andreas fault is the most likely source of “the big one,” Jordan said there are other faults that could spark dramatic seismic activity in the region.

USC has quite a program for earthquake preparedness. Protective activities are practiced on campus and there are contingencies for water and shelter.

Sustainability: a key term for the coming generations

The water cycle / drawdown and subsidence

Sustainability is the capacity to endure, says Wikipedia.

In ecology the word describes how biological systems remain diverse and productive over time. For humans it is the potential for long-term maintenance of well being, which in turn depends on the maintenance of the natural world and natural resources.[1]

Sustainability has become a wide-ranging term that can be applied to almost every facet of life on Earth, from local to a global scale and over various time periods.

Long-lived and healthy wetlands and forests are examples of sustainable biological systems.

Invisible chemical cycles redistribute water, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon through the world's living and non-living systems, and have sustained life since the beginning of time.

As the earth’s human population has increased, natural ecosystems have declined and changes in the balance of natural cycles has had a negative impact on both humans and other living systems.[2]

Paul Hawken has written that "Sustainability is about stabilizing the currently disruptive relationship between earth’s two most complex systems—human culture and the living world.”[3]

Ways of living more sustainably can take many forms from reorganising living conditions (e.g., ecovillages, eco-municipalities and sustainable cities), reappraising economic sectors (permaculture, green building, sustainable agriculture), or work practices (sustainable architecture), using science to develop new technologies (green technologies, renewable energy), to adjustments in individual lifestyles that conserve natural resources.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Recommended: School directories are available to purchase for $5 each

Caddo Magnet Class of 2011    g by trudeau
Caddo Magnet Class of 2011 g, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

School directories are available to purchase for $5 each. If you would like to purchase a directory, send $5 in an envelope to the school office with the following written on the outside of the envelope:

"Student Directory"
Student name: ____________________
Student's Grade: ____________________

The directory will be sent home with your student.

If you have any questions, e-mail

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

New guidelines for Friday night's Back-to-School Dance

Rules for the Back-to-School Dance this Friday from Caddo Magnet Principal Mary Rounds :
1.Only current Caddo Magnet High School students are allowed to be on campus during the dance. Alumni or non-Magnet students will be forced to leave by security.
2.Students must show a 2011-12 CMHS Student ID as well as your pre-purchased ticket to get into the dance. No tickets will be sold at the door, and no students will be admitted without showing current ID... EVEN IF YOU HAVE A TICKET.
3.CPSB dress code applies. No entry if you are in violation. If you can’t correct the dress code violation, your parent will be called to come pick you up.
4.No suggestive dancing. • 1st offense = Verbal warning. • 2nd offense = Removal from the dance and your
parent will be called to come pick you up.

Aquaculture is in your future

Siberian Sturgeon by Fish as art
Siberian Sturgeon, a photo by Fish as art on Flickr.

Whether as a consumer of fish or business person or scientist, aquaculture is a wave in your future.

Protein! The world craves fishy protein and men must find a way to meet those needs.

Some fish have been over-fished. This results in fishing fleets ranging across oceans in search of the next watery crop.

Today McDonald's get the flesh for their Filet-O-Fish from ocean waters near the coast of New Zealand. This fish is called the hoki.

Louisiana pursues aquaculture through farm-raised production of crawfish and catfish.

Aquaculture will be on our class radar.

Jump upon your Water cycle

Water cycle by babyanimals
Water cycle, a photo by babyanimals on Flickr.

In the World Geography textbook the water cycle graphic did not include an aquifer. Let's add one.

Know the terms above.

- deplete / depletion
- desalination
- Ogallala Aquifer, the great one that lies under states from S Dakota to Texas.
- water broker: a person who buys and sells water.

Noodling: the primitive art of hand fishing / a possible social studies project

AJ Jones by bd2000
AJ Jones, a photo by bd2000 on Flickr.

In Louisiana back woods Cajuns have traditionally pursued hand (and foot) fishing in bayous as they sought turtles and catfish.

This week I learned that people in Oklahoma also fish for catfish by hand; they call it noodling because the person's hand and arm is presented to the huge catfish as bait.

As a social studies student I want you to learn to spot trends and create hypotheses about the world around you.

So my questioning went like this:
a) Hand fishing in Louisiana.
b) Hand fishing also in Oklahoma.
c) Can we assume that hand fishing is most likely a widespread phenomenon?
d) Can we imagine that hand fishing is a global pursuit? Should I be surprised if I find evidence of it in China? In Europe?

It becomes a social studies project when you pose a question:
- Is hand fishing a global phenomenon?
and follow that with inquiry
- a Google search of the literature on hand fishing
- interviews with qualified people.

When you report your method and the results you have virtually done your project.

British adventurer David Cornthwaite goes the length of theMississippi, some 1.200 miles, on a paddleboard

_DSC5048 by DaveCorn
_DSC5048, a photo by DaveCorn on Flickr.

British explorer David Cornthwaite is pursuing a series of global challenges. The series of adventures enables him to avoid having to work at a traditional job at a desk, he notes.

His journey down the length of the Mississippi, some 1.200 miles, on a paddleboard was his most recent trek.

See more here.
And more here.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Train gondolas that carry coal from Montana to Louisiana

Trains, Shreveport  by trudeau
Trains, Shreveport , a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

"It takes one pound of coal to power your TV for four-and-a-half hours, another pound to power your bedside light for two evenings," says Martin Smith in the documentary "heat.".

"The average American household uses nine-and-a-half tons of coal every year. Fifty-two percent of all electricity consumed in America comes from coal. And with electricity consumption rising, utilities like AEP say coal is indispensable. They refer to it as base-load power. It means it is always available, unlike intermittent sources, such as solar or wind."

California gov Jerry Brown: ""Our wealth, our society, our being is driven by oil and carbon. It's intellectually dishonest to somehow say we can get some light bulbs or get a Prius, and then we're all done. No, this is going to take massive technological innovation. It's going to take changes in the way we live and work. And it's going to take cooperation of unprecedented degrees among business and government and among countries. That's where we are, and that's why there's no other word except `daunting.' I'm hopeful. I'm cautiously optimistic. But I would have to say one has to approach this with great humility."

Read more:

Sunday, September 11, 2011

No homework this week except have notes for brief quiz on NYC, on 9/11and on the Miss valley project

No homework this week - except have notes for short open notes, multiple choice tests . . .
- brief quiz on NYC,
- brief quiz on 9/11 and
- brief quiz on the Miss valley project.

Friday, September 09, 2011

Notes on 9/11 and Osama bin Laden

9/11 attacks -

- most 9/11 terrorists were Saudis in organization called al qaeda.
- most al qaeda money from Saudi Arabian sources.
- radicals / extremists
- al qaeda HQ in Afghanistan. Training camps.
- al qaeda cellular structure.
- Osama Bin Laden, a Saudi, inherited serious wealth.
- Taliban radical rulers of Afghan.
- Taliban treatment of women: burqa, no work, no school.
- Afghan. a quagmire.
- War in Iraq based on "faulty intelligence."

- WTC attack was actually a preventable action.
- 9/11: about 3000 dead.
- 4 survivors interviewed by

Enriched-level geography: one book report per semester and one social studies project

Enriched geography has additional requirements: reading one book per semester and development of social studies project

Due Nov 30: Social Studies Fair project in Powerpoint-display form. Magnet SS Fair will be in Dec.

Book reports due Nov 4.
Value of the Book Report: 20 pts., Soc Studies Project: 20 pts.

1) Reading and reporting upon one book - in each semester.
* choose a book based on your interests (ex.: soccer, dance, horses).
* book to be approved by your teacher
* Books for which a movie has been made will not be allowed.
* topic related to our study of Europe in first semester; related to Asia in 2nd semester.
* approximately 200 pages (teacher discretion) or longer.
* report will comprise 2 parts -

a) Graphic Book Report - Powerpoint style - that illustrates the region and issues addressed by your book. 5 images, each augmented with 3 bulleted items of explanation. Title. Bibliography. 10 pts.
b) Book Essay in which 2 quotes in the book are briefly noted and described and explained in the context of one of the book's themes. 10 pts.

Social Studies Fair Project -
* submitted via image-based report / Powerpoint-style.
* purpose is to show fluency with the Scientific Method.
* student articulates . . .
- social problem
- hypothesis for solution to problem
- review of literature (find sources, read the articles and choose the part(s) that are relevant to your paper) that addresses the problem. The list of all articles read becomes your bibliography.
- conclusion drawn from literature review.
- bibliography.
- abstract, or half-page summary of entire project.
- cancelled: evaluation of one's own project - strengths, areas that needed improvement.
- grammar, spelling and construction.
- student need not build traditional backboard display unless teacher and student agree on an entry into the social studies fair.
- students may work solo, in a duo or a 3-person team. And, yes, there will be bonus points for those who can devise an international team

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

The basics on NYC

Geography Magnet: NYC  by trudeau
Geography Magnet: NYC , a photo by trudeau on Flickr.


The 5 boroughs -
- Manhattan
- Bronx
- Brooklyn
- Queens
- Staten Is

- Atlantic
- New York harbor
- Liberty Is
- Ellis Is
- Manhattan is
- Long Is
- Long Is Sound

- New Jersey
- Connecticut

Lower Manhattan -

- Wall St financial district
- site of World Trade Center
- Battery Park
- Chinatown
- Lower East Side

- Brooklyn Bridge
- East River
- Hudson R

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Magnet 9/11 Commemoration on Fri, Sept 9, 11:30 am

Magnet geo: 9-11  by trudeau
Magnet geo: 9-11 , a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Caddo Magnet High School will host its 9/11 Remembrance on Friday, September 9, 2011, at 11:30 a.m. in the school courtyard.

In a solemn celebration of remembrance, under the leadership of the JROTC, the band and choir will offer music and song.

A student narrator will recall the events of the morning as chimes are sounded for fifteen seconds.

The faculty, staff, and student body join the nation as we remember the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States.

Open notes quiz next class - about 15 questions

Untitled by trudeau
Untitled, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Open notes quiz time! Try these samples -

1. Name the Bayou State river that lies below the Mississippi, east of the Sabine and west of the Pearl. a) Atchfalaya b) Red c) Ouachita
d) Choctaw.
2. A 13 year-old student from New York recently used math and his observation of nature to produce an award-winning science project that produced improvement in a) flower crops b) natural gas drilling
c) coastal erosion d) solar collection.
3. The name of the Bossier parkway that runs parallel and close to the Red River.
a) Fant b) Teague c) Caddo Trail d) I-20.
Bring a print-out of from the blog. Highlight your top points.

Glaciers in the Himalayas are melting; effect will be felt across East Asia in in water supply

Recent melting of enormous glaciers in the Himalayas will affect much of Eastern Asia (China, Thiland, Vietnam, etc), say experts in the PBS program, "Heat."

Less ice means less water in the overall supply available to the Chinese and their neighbors. Run-off from the Himalayas feeds the major rivers of Central and eastern Asia.

Know the states through which Louisiana's coal supply rides: Montana to Louisiana

N Dakota
S Dakota

Culinary schools vs frustrated graduates: who's in the right?

Culinary schools recruit students by promising that career opportunities in the restaurant business are growing like crazy.

Thus students negotiate large loans to pay for the cooking school. But when students graduate and find that jobs are Not in abundance, they are frustrated, says the Shreveport Times. They're trying to pay off big loans and the work they're finding is characterized as "long hours, low pay."

Students have joined forces to sue the schools for giving the students misleading info.

Should students have carefully read and investigated the fact and opinion in the culinary schools' ads?

Are the schools culpable for their hype?

That's an example of why you're being lead in a study of fact vs opinion. So you can be smart consumers and intelligent voters.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Get weekly news updates from Caddo Magnet HS in your

Craig Creek, New Castle, Va  by trudeau
Craig Creek, New Castle, Va , a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

An important part of the information flow from Caddo Magnet is the mailing list managed by parent Denise Durci. She sends out CMHS Weekly Announcements, special bulletins, such as one on Back To School Night, and an additional bulletin called Counselor's News.

Allow me to draw your attention to the Counselor's News. It is a resource nonpareil for parents and students who are college-bound. If you value the theme Plan Ahead, you will be delighted with the factoids found in Counselor's News.

A bit more on Back To School Night. Every year it is amazingly crowded. Parking stretches out toward East Jehosaphat. If you want a proximate parking spot, please arrive early for the 5:30 to 7:30 event.

If you are not already getting these newsletters, please send an email to Denise Durci at

Friday, September 02, 2011

Magnet vocab: 5 of the most important words

CMHS by trudeau
CMHS, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Be responsible.

Be respectful.

Seek excellence.

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Cmhs parent night begins at 5:30 pm on Thurs, Sept 8

Cmhs parents by trudeau
Cmhs parents, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

Be aware of the importance of Back to School Night. Meeting your child's teachers is an extremely healthy step for all concerned.

In my experience, school is most effective when there is a 3-way partnership: teacher, student and parent.

Meeting the teachers, seeing the classrooms and books, opening lines of communication: this is the business of Back to School Night. Meeting the parents of your child's peers is also important. The Magnet community is one which you will savor.

Classroom sessions begin at 6 and go til 7:30.

If you are late, do not worry. Jump into the sessions whenever you arrive. We would rather have you catch up than miss out.

Caddo Magnet High bell schedule


1) 8:29 - 10:02
2) 10:07 - 11:44
3) 11:49 - 1:56
4) 2"01 - 3:33

Lunch shifts:
1) 11:44 - 12:14
2) 12:39 - 1:09


1) 8:29 - 9:49
Activity period 9:54 - 10:19
2) 10:24 - 11:44
3) 11:49 - 1:56
4) 2"01 - 3:33