Monday, March 08, 2010

Gandhi map project due Thurs; 15 pts

In your notebook . . .

Create a 3-continent map that shows the principal locations in the life of Mohandas K Gandhi.

- Vibrant title.
- Color.
- Neatness, grammar, spelling.
- Bulleted biography of Gandhi (5 items).
- Bodies of water - 3.
- Nations that neighbor India - 6.
- Can be produced by hand or digitally.
- Include arrows showing his movement.
- Documentation at bottom.

Locations -
1. Porbandar, India. G's city of birth.
2. London, England. Attended law school.
3. Pretoria, South Africa. he spent 20 years protesting injustice against Indian immigrants.
4. Delhi. Gandhi returns to India in 1915.
5. Champaran. Site of Gandhi's first protest victory in India.
6. Amritsar. Site of a horrific massacre of unarmed Hindus by British soldiers.
7. Salt March to Dandi, near Porbandar. A protest against the salt tax.
8. Mumbai / Poona. Site of his last lengthy imprisonment.
9. New Delhi. Site of his assassination in 1948.

Submit at beginning of class Thurs, Mar 11. Late penalty: 3 pts. per day.

Also -
Open Notes quiz on India and Gandhi on Thurs, Mar 11.