Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thanks for supporting the Class of 2013 Magnet Talent Show

Attendance at the Class of 2013 Magnet Talent Show on Wed, Mar 24, was terrific. Parents were much in evidence, as were freshmen supporting their classmates on stage.
Partly due to our many rehearsals, the performances were tight. The show ran smoothly, start to finish.

Performers -

Rachel Graham, Avery Alsandor, Shelby Bush, Chris Ezelle
Sean Nathan
Brooklyn White
Leanne Kerr, Henry Lin
Joshua Ursua
Henry Lin
Always Friday (Seth Dykes, Chris Ezelle, Nick Sorenson, Brennan Williams)
Shelby Bush
Aaron Wilson, Corey Atkins, Cody Jasper
Trevari Huff-Boone, Erick Coleman
Iggy (Meagan Poling)
JV Dance Line - Brianna Washington, Kayla __, Asha McDay, Te'nell Peoples
Waverly Hock, Joe Rossi, Joan Liu

Stage design and production: Larrson McSwain, Staveley Kuzmanov
Program design and production: Henry Lin

Back stage:
Rachel Thomson, Brittany Nguyen
Laura Sorkey, Cole Weinland
Ben Green

Robert Trudeau, Ginger Marks

Bryan Gallant, Mary Rounds
Class of 2013 Parents
, especially Karen Bush and Mrs Lin.

See the program, designed by Henry Lin, at the class web site,