Monday, October 24, 2011

A brief unit on Louisiana's amazing neighbor: Texas

Texas map postcard by paflip25
Texas map postcard, a photo by paflip25 on Flickr.

To be an intelligent citizen of Louisiana is to be a student of all things Texan.

Geo class study will focus on
- Houston
- Dallas
- Austin.

Sketch map no. 1 of Texas must show, colorfully, the

- neighboring states
- Gulf of Mexico
- Rio Grande
- Red R.
- Sabine R.
- Galveston Bay
- Houston Ship Channel (Buffalo Bayou)
- 3 cities as above

- In the tragic Enron Corp scandal of 2001 the collapse of the company due to fraud by top executives led to the loss of jobs and retirement money for some 20,000 former employees.
- Some 20 executives were convicted or plead guilty in the aftermath.

- In 1901 the Spindletop gusher oil well, Beaumont (near the corner of Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf), marked the beginning of the Texas Oil Boom.