Sunday, October 09, 2011

A week to decide on the topic and assemble the research on your socialstudies project

Geography Magnet / ss project by trudeau
Geography Magnet / ss project, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

This week in geography: no home work outside of reading the blog; no quizzes, either.

This week Talent Show rehearsals will be held after school each day, 3:45 to 5 pm.

Please take this week to work on your social studies project. You may work solo or with up to 3 partners.

The 20 pt Social Studies project, due Nov 30:

Social Studies Fair Project -
* submitted via image-based report, Powerpoint-style.
* purpose is to show fluency with the Scientific Method.
* student articulates . . .
- social problem (slide 1)
- hypothesis for solution to problem (slide 2)
- review of literature (find sources, read the articles and choose the part(s) that are relevant to your paper) that addresses the problem (slides 3, 4 & 5, at least). The list of all articles read becomes your bibliography (slide 6).
- conclusion drawn from literature review (slide 7).
- abstract, or half-page summary of entire project.improvement (slide 8).
- grammar, spelling and construction.
- student need not build traditional backboard display unless teacher and student agree on an entry into the social studies fair.
- students may work solo, in a duo or a 3-person team. Bonus points for those who can devise an international team.

Bonus points - up to 5 - for early submission of a top-quality project.