Wednesday, December 07, 2011

From Brittany to Monaco: La France! an alternative map quiz

Citroen 2 cv in Shreveport by trudeau
Citroen 2 cv in Shreveport, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

This map test is an alternative to the orthodox, sketched map quiz.

1. A French river that is comparable to the Mississippi in length and usefulness. __
2. The only consecutively doubled letter in the name Mediterranean. __ .
3. South of Paris is a city that is also the name of a palace created by Louis XIV: __ .
4. This region lies along the English Channel: a) Champagne b) Provence c) Normandy d) Bordeaux.
5. This French city is on the border between France and Germany. __
6. The second most-populous French city is on the Mediterranean coast. When it was a Roman city it was called Massilia. It is named __ .
7. The French call this body of water La Manche. It connects the North Sea and the Atlantic. It is also known as the __ __ .
8. North of France on the North Sea is a nation famous for French fries and mussels: __ .
9. On the southwestern edge of France is the Iberian peninsula. On it are two nations: Portugal and __ .
10. Tucked between France, Germany and Belgium is the tiny European nation of __ .
11. Across the Rhine River from France - to the east - are 2 nations. Name one of them.
__ .
12. Across the northwestern strait from France is an island. The island is known as the nation of __ .
13. Which body of water is missing from this list of seas that border France? The North Sea, English Channel, Bay of Biscay, and the Atlantic. One more: __ __.
14. Which great city of France is on the Seine River? __ .
15. On the Mediterranean coast the nation of France borders a major European nation. It is __.
16. A minuscule European nation on the edge of the Mediterranean is a neighbor to France. Its capital city is Monte Carlo. The nation is __ .