Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Thurs/Fri: Map test on La France and soap sculpture

escargots by mediadahling
escargots, a photo by mediadahling on Flickr.

Students wrote a Descriptive Quiche Essay in class this week - for 5 pts. In it they described the activity of making (or getting) a quiche. Complete with dialogue and sound effects.

The alternate essay required them to describe Napoleon I and the Citroen 2CV.

Also in their notes, in readiness fort a test on Thurs:

Map of France and neighbors
- 7 nations
- 4 bodies of water
- 3 cities

Automotive France:
- Citroen
- Peugot
- Michelin

Aeronautical France:
- the Mirage jet fighter.

Historic France:
- the Celts, or Gauls
- the Romans

Ideas from Paris
- Block traffic on the downtown streets on Sundays so bicyclists, roller skaters and walkers can take over.
- Pedestrian bridges over the River Seine.