Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Buddha: the Siddhartha Gautama quiz

Siddhartha Gautama by amadeus_vince
Siddhartha Gautama, a photo by amadeus_vince on Flickr.

1. The seer or wizard who attended the birth of Siddhartha predicted that he would become a __ or a holy man. a) king b) beggar c) soldier d) sadhu.
2. If Siddhartha Gautama had been raised as a Hindu, he would have known and practiced the devotion called yoga. T / F
3. The king decided to make his kingdom a place of perfect peace and contentment. He banned all people who were __ . a) smarter than Siddhartha b) from other, competing religions c) foreigners d) suffering.
4. Siddhartha's father arranged a marriage but Siddhartha refused to cooperate. Deep inside, he felt a special calling. T / F
5. When he ventured outside the kingdom Siddhartha encountered an ascetic, or __ . a) fakir b) Shah c) muezzin d) spastic.
6. With his wife and son by his side, Siddhartha became a wandering holy man, spending his days fasting and praying while being supported by the labor of his family. T / F
7. After several years of begging, praying and fasting, Siddhartha was in a state of extreme thinness. The word for skeletal thinness is __ . a) emaciated b) arabesque c) devotional d) castal.
8. Siddhartha realized that neither the way of luxury and comfort - his first state - nor the way of privation and self-denial - his second state - produced the ideal life. He discovered a third state of life that he called the __ way. a) perfect b) middle c) holy d) sacred.
9. Siddhartha was referred to as The Buddha, or enlightened one. He presented himself to his followers as a __ . a) god b) enlightened man c) lowly man d) wanderer.