Thursday, October 04, 2012

California: the coast and Silicon Valley

California: Silicon Valley by trudeau
California: Silicon Valley, a photo by trudeau on Flickr.

The Golden State quiz
1. Along the Pacific coast, Oregon through California, find the mountains called Coast Range. They are __ to the Sierra Nevada range. a) parallel to b) perpendicular to c) pretty close, but not what you would call too close.
2. Because the Coast Range mountains are low in height and very, very close to the Pacific shore, we can say they represent an example of a) subduction b) faulting c) spreading d) accretion.
3. The Sierra Nevada Range would be an example of a) subduction b) faulting c) spreading d) accretion.
4. The ___ National Park is immediately east of San Francisco. a) Yellowstone b) Navajo c) Yosemite d) Grand Canyon.
5. North of Los Angeles is the __ National Park. It is named for the giant redwood trees of California.
6. The name of the Mexican peninsula that lies to the south of California: __ California.
7. The map coordinates for Los Angeles.
8. Close to San Francisco you will find Palo Alto, the home of Stanford University, one of the world's top academic institutions. There is a business-oriented regional name that can be applied to the area around San Jose and Palo Alto. It is referred to as __ __ .
9. The San Andreas Fault extends well north of San Francisco. T / F