Monday, October 15, 2012

Gulf coast neighbors: Mexico and Louisiana

Tampico and Popocatepetl

1. The US states that border Mexico: California, Arizona, __ __ and Texas.
2. The Yucatan Peninsula is closest to a) Texas b) Cuba c) Florida d) Jamaica.
3. Mexico has a Pacific coast and a Gulf of Mexico coast. Regrettably, it lacks a Caribbean coast. T / F
4. West and slightly north of the capital is the second largest Mexican city: ___ .
5. Mexico is part of Central America, a region called __ ("middle America") by archaeologists and historians.
6. The takeover of Mexico by Spanish conquistadors was made easier by the decimation of the population via ___ .
7. People from Europe discovered new food plants in Central America. One was the tomato. T / F
8. One of the plants discovered by Europeans was a powerful spice that also had medicinal effects. It was the __ __ .
9. This starchy plant was developed in the Andes Mountains of Peru and Ecuador. It was the a) potato b) avocado c) cacao bean d) peanut.
10. Trumpets, fiddles, guitars and harmonized vocals are typical of the Mexican folk music called __ .