Monday, April 30, 2007

Nazi German conquests and defeats in WWII

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Nazi victories in the blitzkreig (lightening war):

1. Austria (the Von Trapp family escapes)

2. Czechoslovakia

3. Poland - 1939

4. Norway

5. Battle of Britain: some 6 months of bombing British cities resulted in awesome devastation but did not produce a victory. The Brits held tight under their Prime Minister, Winston Churchill. Hitler decided to invade Russia instead of continuing the attack against England.

6. While the German army killed millions of Russians, they never could declare a victory over the Ruskies. By 1944 the Russian army had recovered enough to attack the Germans and help the British and American defeat of the Nazis.

7. Netherland & Belgium were, like the eastern neighbors, easily defeated by the Nazis.

8. France was also quickly defeated and occupied by the Germans. Many Frenchmen fought the germans by sabotage and other underground efforts.

HItler's strategic mistakes:
a) Not continuing the Battle of Britain.
b) Not being more mindful of his attack on Russia.
c) Not securing the petroleum supplies of Rissia or the Mid East. He sent one of his best generals, Rommel, to North Africa to conquer the Mid East. Rommel was defeated by the British and US forces.

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