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Noah Wylie played Emil, the tough Hitler Jugend, in Swing Kids

17 Noah Wylie
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Swing Kids review / Trudeau
1. This movie is set in the city of a) Hamburg b) Munich c) Berlin.
2. The movie takes place 9 years after Hitler took power, or a) 1936 b) 1939 c) 1941.
3. The American music and slang treasured by the swing kids originates mostly in
a) Brooklyn b) Harlem c) the Bronx d) Lower East Side.
4. German swing kids favor a clothing style reflective of __ style. a) American
b) British c) Dutch d) German.
5. The new style of 1930’s jazz groups was a) small combo b) big bands
c) electric guitars, bass and organ.
6. Hitler’s regime is referred to as the a) Reign b) Reich c) Rotterdam.
7. German authorities have banned American __ if they were created by Negroes or Jews. a) books b) records c) art.
8. Peter Muller has lost his father through Nazi imprisonment. Was the father Jewish? Y / N
9. The physician father of Thomas Berger is taken away by authorities due to of his son’s participation in the a) jazz club b) Hitler Youth c) university.
10. Arvid is a jazz guitarist who reminds of the famous Belgian gypsy guitar player named a) Stephane Grapelli b) Peter Frampton c) Django Reinhardt.
11. Peter Muller is disappointed in his mother for her attitude toward the Nazi authorities. her attitude is one of a) defiance b) compliance c) despair.
12. The smooth, seemingly helpful Herr Knopp is a member of the Nazi secret police, or the a) Panzers b) Blitzkrieg c) Gestapo.
13. Peter works as a delivery boy for Herr Schumler. “Herr” means a) store owner b) Mr. c) Professor.
14. In the jazz world a blindfold quiz is one in which you must name the
a) musicians b) type of jazz c) rating earned by the record.
15. Jazz was born in the city of a) Chicago b) New Orleans c) NYC.
16. Name a jazz composer and pianist: a) Duke Ellington b) Louis Armstrong
c) Antonio Vivaldi.
17. Exercise and athletic competition in the German mountainside as well as bonuses like a motorbike were strategies used by the a) universities b) Hitler Youth c) jazz club owners.
18. The Nazis were effective at building a type of super-patriotism. To convince the youth of the Nazi point of view they used exaggeration and fabrications. This is called a) propaganda b) advertising c) nationalism d) enthusiasm.
19. The National Socialist German Worker’s Party was not at all a) socialist
b) German c) national.
20. Hitler demanded a cheap auto design from a) Mercedes b) Porsche c) Audi.

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