Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Inauguration and Presidents Quiz

Capitol Hill
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1. Barack Obama is US president number __.
2. Name the third president. __
a) George Washington b) John Adams c) Thomas Jefferson d) James Madison e) James Monroe f) John Quincy Adams
3. Pres number 7 is also well-known among Americans: ___ .
a) Andrew Jackson b) Martin Van Buren c) William Henry Harrison d) John Tyler e) James Knox Polk f) Zachary Taylor
4. President Lincoln - did he precede or follow Ulysses Grant?
a) Millard Fillmore b) Franklin Pierce c) James Buchanan
d) Abraham Lincoln e) Andrew Johnson f) Ulysses S. Grant
5. Did Wilson follow Roosevelt? a) Woodrow Wilson b) Theodore Roosevelt. a) yes b) no
6. Did FDR preceded Truman? a) Franklin Roosevelt b) Harry Truman. a) yes b) no
7. You should be able arrange the last 10 presidents in chronological order.
Here's a somewhat scrambled list:
Dwight D. Eisenhower John F. Kennedy Richard Nixon
Lyndon Johnson Gerald Ford William J. Clinton George W. Bush James Carter Ronald Reagan George H. W. Bush
8. Obama's father was a native of the nation of __.
9. Obama's mother was from the state of __.
10. Obama did his undergraduate work in NYC at a) Columbia
b) NYU c) SUNY d) Fordham.
11. He was a success in Law school in Boston: a) Harvard
b) Oxford c) Stanford d) Columbia.
12. In addition to politics, he has been a teacher of __ __ at the Univ of Chicago. a) modern architecture b) community organizing
c) constitutional law d) family dynamics
13. He spent 4 years of his childhood in a crowded foreign nation in Southeast Asia whose capital is Jakarta: ___.
14. He was born in and lived in an island state: __.
15. Obama used alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine during his teenage years. T / F
16. Obama has been both a US Representative and US Senator from Chicago districts. T / F
17. He is a successful author. T / F
18. Michelle Obama is an obstetrician who graduated from Princeton University and from Harvard law School. T / F

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