Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Bonus points on the semester exam: a brief comparison essay

Citroen 2 cv in Shreveport
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Choose one of these 3 topics when you prepare your notes so as to write a brief essay during the semester exam period.

1) Architectural land marks of Paris and Rome.
Ex: Colosseum and Arc de triomphe, etc.

2) Technology leadership from the French and Germans.
Ex: Mercedes, Citroen, Mirage, zeppelin, etc.

3) "Roman City" and "Swing Kids;" learning social studies from movies.
Ex: Celts vs Gauls and Jazz kids vs. Nazi Party.

Follow these guidelines -
* Vivid opening.
* Blended topics.
* Documentation.
* Grammar, spelling, construction.
* Snacky titling.

Gain up to 12 pts.

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