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Lawrence of Arabia vocab

Wadi Rum Jordan
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Notes on Lawrence of Arabia

Tues, jan 20, Five Pillars of Islam illustrated
10 pts; see below.

vocab -
aquifer / oasis
alcohol, algebra, sugar: Arabic-derived
Arabic to English translations: no apparent vowels in Arabic.
Koran: aka the Holy Q'ran
Desert tribesmen: bedouins
Dromedary: "ship of the desert" camel
dates: fruit of the date palm
Seven Pillars of Wisdom: book on the Arab revolt by Lawrence.
Gulf of Aqaba: on Red Sea
Aqaba: port on Gulf of Aqaba
Sinai Peninsula: rocky badlands; biblical landscape.
Gulf of Suez and Suez Canal: Egyptian side of the Red Sea.

UK the home of the Industrial Revolution, which produced steam power, steel bridges, factories and products such as trains, ships and cars.

Rolls Royce
Land Rover
Cooper Mini
Austin Healey


British Empire: controlling nations across the globe, it was said that "The sun never sets on the British Empire."

Aston Martin

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