Monday, May 17, 2010

Aboriginal Australian figure from Dreamtime

1) What are two of the theories about how the Indigenous Australians first arrived in Australia?

A) They came across the sea in boats?

B) They were always there – The Dreamtime.

C) They arrived on foot.

D) They swam with the sea turtles?

2) How did the lost continent of Sunda and Sahul disappear?

A) Poor land management by the original Australians led to land erosion?

B) Continental drift pushed the continent under Asia.

C) Warming global climate signaled the end of an ice age and the melting ice raised sea levels.

D) A series of earthquakes?

3) Under the Dreamtime theory – when did people first arrive in Australia?

A) 50-65,000 years ago.

B) They were always there.

C) in the 1780s.

D) Beginning after World War 2.

4) Name one or more countries besides Australia where the hand was used a model for rock art –

A) Spain

B) America

C) Peru

D) Siberia

E) All of the above.

5) Why were many Indigenous Australians referred to as the “Stolen Generations?”

A) Aboriginal peoples were lost to small pox.

B) Indigenous Australian children were removed from their homes by the government and by certain other groups.

C) They died in the desert due to nuclear testing.

D) They were refused adequate opportunities for migration to other countries.

6) What features did the Rainbow Serpent create in the land?

1. The outback desert.
2. The Great Divide Mountains.
3. The lakes, rivers and billabongs.
4. The island of Tasmania.


7) The above rock art is a picture of what?

1. The Rainbow Serpent.
2. The Spirit Women.
3. The Lightening Man.
4. The Billabong Man.


8) In the indigenous peoples' rock art, how were the pictures of the hands typically created?

1. They were pecked or carved out of the stone.
2. They were stenciled by blowing paint over the hands and onto the rock.
3. They were painted using reed brushes.
4. They were painted using brushes made of kangaroo hair.

9) What similar Federal Civil Rights Acts were passed in Australia in 1963 and the United States in 1965?

1. The Equal Education Act.
2. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act.
3. The Federal Voting Rights Act.
4. The anti-stolen generations act?

10) What is the Dreamtime Story in Indigenous Australian mythology?

A) The fear that the Indigenous Australians felt after the British colonized Australia.

B) An origin story about the beginning of life and the shaping of the land.

C) The decades during which the stolen generations were taken from their families.

D) The period in which the Indigenous Australians contracted Small Pox.