Sunday, May 02, 2010

Would you like to construct a Japanese mini dry landscape garden? Indie work . . .

Indie work takes an unusual turn:

- Get some wood, glue and sand and construct a shallow tray which will become a Japanese Rock Garden.

Any size will do. It may be square or rectangular. I've got one which is 4" X 15" and sits easily on a shelf yet is very satisfying when the sand is being raked.

You can assemble the wood pieces using tiny nails or white glue.
The bottom of the tray may be made of light cardboard.
The sand may be fine or coarse. You may use pea gravel if you have built a larger tray.

We will be making the simple wooden rake out of pieces of chopsticks in class on Tues. The in-class model will be very basic. You may want to make a nicer one to go with the rock garden tray.
- up to 10 pts.

- An illustrated flyer containing basic info will be posted on campus alongside the Japanese Rock Garden project.

- Japanese gardens
- Zen Buddhism (or just Buddhism)
- map of Japan
- up to 6 pts.