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Caribbean islands quiz, Brazil quiz

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The Greater and Lesser Antilles / Trudeau / world geography

D 1. Archipelago associated with the research of British naturalist Charles Darwin:
a) Antilles b) West Indies c) Florida Keys d) Galapagos.
A 2. Yerba mate is a healing tea that, as a communal drink, is a ritual in the nation of __. a) Argentina b) Brazil c) Ecuador d) Colombia.
B 3. This South American nation, unlike the majority, does not speak Spanish. In fact, it is a Portuguese-speaking society: a) Argentina b) Brazil c) Ecuador d) Colombia.
D 4. The first Europeans to explore the coast of Africa and to bring African slaves to Europe for sale. a) Spain b) France c) England d) Portugal.
D 5. The first Europeans to sail around the Cape of Good Hope at the tip of the continent of Africa and continue to India. a) Spain b) France c) England d) Portugal.
D 6. Bill Gates is a mogul who qualifies for all these categories except one:
a) entrepreneur b) philanthropist c) software architect d) headquartered in Silicon Valley.
B 7. The Greater Antilles includes Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and __ .
a) Haiti b) Hispaniola c) Dominican Republic d) Trinidad.
A 8. The most appropriate descriptive term for the Arawak, Carib and Tainos peoples:
a) indigenous b) harshly laborious c) murderous d) disease-resistant.
A 9. Capital of Puerto Rico: a) San Juan b) Port-au-Prince c) Santo Domingo
d) Nassau e) Kingston.
C 10. The US has held an economic embargo against Cuba for 47 years. The principal factor in the decision to continue the embargo is the fact that the island remains a
__ nation . a) Fidel Castro b) dictatorship c) communist d) Russian.
A 11. Brazilians have developed a national dance that is a martial arts-based, music accompanied, Afro-Brazilian creation. It is called a) capoeira b) feijoada
c) berimbau d) yerba mate.
C 12. The island of the Lesser Antilles that is closest to Trinidad:
a) Barbados b) Guadeloupe c) Grenada d) St Lucia.

Futbol and Brazil
A 1. Which nation is larger in area? a) US or b) Brazil?
F 2. Brazil has approximately two thirds the population of the US. T / F
T 3. The population of Sao Paulo is within two million of the population of NYC. T / F
F 4. The population of Rio de Janeiro is significantly larger than that of Los Angeles. T / F
Void C 5. In Brazil the word "Real" refers to a a) bank b) po-boy c) dollar d) member of the national futbol team.
D 6. Brazilians are a bit different from their neighbors inasmuch as they speak a) French b) Spanish c) Brasiliano d) Portuguese.
Void F 7. Recently, Brazil has discovered a considerable oil field in the mountainous region. T / F
D 8. Brazil's chief environmental problem continues to be a) deforestation b) loss of crop land c) governmental bribery d) reduction of the Amazon rainforest.
C 9. The national flag features a yellow __ on a green field. a) triangle b) rectangle c) rhombus d) tetrahedron.
C 10. The orb on the flag refers to Brazil's a) aerospace technology
b) history of coastal navigation c) position in the Southern Hemisphere.
F 11. Patagonia is a wild and scenic region in the extreme south of Brazil. T / F