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Quiz on France next week: map and web site notes

Bradley's France
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Symbols of France and her neighbors

1. Paris - see notes on 4 monuments.
2. Marseille - on the Mediterranean coast, it is the 2nd largest French city - a bit like Los Angeles but with historic architecture.
3. Seine R - flows from the North Sea through Paris.
4. Rhine R - originating in Switzerland, the Rhine is the border between France and Germany. It flows northward to the North Sea. It's like the Mississippi of Europe.
5. Riviera or Cote d'Azur - the beach region along the French Mediterranean coast near Italy. Imagine sidewalk cafes and yachts.
6. Spain and the Pyrenees mountains: An image of trailer camps in which groups of Gypsies, or the Romany people, have temporarily settled.
7. Alps and the Italian border - Mt Blanc is a principal peak for tourism and snow skiing.
8. Swiss Alps - think skiing, hot chocolate and a melted cheese dish called fondue.
9. Rhineland and German border - think of sauerkraut, the German national dish - which is shredded cabbage with weiners on top.
10. Belgium - the Belgians are famous for waffles and are said to have developed French fries.
11. English Channel - a 20 mile-wide expanse of water that is crossed by ferry, plane or underground train - whoich goes through the "Chunnel."
12. Britain is a neighbor, if separated by the channel. British people who migrated to France in ancient times are the reason a coastal region is known as Brittany.

Notes from World Geo, pp 302 - 308 -

- French wines are one of their most important exports. Reminds us of Louisiana exporting hot sauce.
- Mt Blanc is on the French-Italian border, Mt Whitney is in California and the tallest US peak, Mt McKinley (aka Denali), is in Alaska.
- Bouillabaise is a famous French seafood stew. Marseille is a city. Versailles is a city and historic palace.
- French history reflects both the Celts and the Romans.
- Charlemagne was a French king of the Medieval period.
- Before the French revolution - 1789 - the king and the noblemen controlled people's lives. After the revolution there was more general freedom and social mobility.
- The French language is guarded by the government but the nation is home to many languages, such as English, German, and Arabic.

Indie Work -

The Four Monuments of Paris Pop-up Project may be used as a lesson for a classmate or parent. Get your pupil to respond to 6 questions of yours or ask them to write a brief essay on what they learned about the monuments. Add a profile of your respondent.