Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Swing Kids: young Germans avoiding the Nazis

Deutschland / Swing Kids

1. The movie "Swing Kids" takes place in Hamburg. The story of the White Rose is a similar chronicle of young people who protested the Reich. Students who were in the White Rose were executed in 1945.
That story took place in a) Hamburg b) Munich c) Berlin d) Amsterdam.

2. The capital of Germany is the city of a) Hamburg b) Munich c) Berlin d) Amsterdam.

3. The capital of the region of Bavaria is a) Hamburg b) Munich c) Berlin d) Amsterdam.

4. The dates of US involvement in WWII include declaring war against Germany in 1941, beginning the Invasion of Europe (D-Day) in 1944 and forcing - along with the Russians - the surrender of Germany in the year of a) 1944 b) 1945 c) 1946 d) 1947.

5. In the movie, the fate of Thomas Berger's father and Peter Muller's father was similar. T / F

6. The censorship and control of artistic materials on the part of the Nazis means that the regime was a) nationalistic b) socialistic c) totalitarian d) ethnocentric.

7. "It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing," was a theme of the swing kids. That line was from a song written by a) Benny Goodman b) Gene Krupa c) Django Reinhardt d) Duke Ellington.

8. The protagonist of the movie: a) Peter Muller b) Thomas Berger c) Arvid Hitmann d) Mr. Muller, Peter's father.

9. a) Verrator b) Jugend c) Achtung d) Verboten: Choose the German word that means "forbidden."

10. The short form of the name National Socialist German Worker's Party: a) Axis powers b) fascists c) Nazis d) socialists.

11. German Jew who escaped to the US in the 1930's: a) Karl Marx b) Albert Einstein c) Count Von Zeppelin d) Django Rheinhardt.

12. Lederhosen and the dirndl are traditional garb in the region around a) Munchen b) Frankfort c) Hamburg d) Berlin.

13. Which German word means "youth"? a) Jugend b) Juden c) Krieg d) Heine.

14. The Deutsch Mark has been replaced by the a) Euro b) Franc c) Pound d) USD.

15. a) BMW b) Audi c) Volkswagen d) Mercedes Benz e) Lexus f) Mini Cooper. Which of these auto companies is not German?

16. The attitude of the many German officers who murdered innocent Europeans: a) "We just play along. We get whatever we want." b) You've got to go along; make the best of things. We're not in charge." c) "I just wised up." d) "You must learn to steel yourself."

17. The swastika is a symbol for good fortune borrowed from a) Poland b) Gypsies c) India d) Turkey.

18. Germany did not control this nation during the 1940's: a) Denmark b) Norway c) Austria d) Russia.

19. The German word for "traitor:" a) Verrator b) Jugend c) Achtung d) Verboten.

20. The German word for "Watch out! or "Beware!:" a) Verrator b) Jugend c) Achtung d) Verboten.