Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Coates Bluff Trail and Carnival quiz next class

Have your notes on
- Coates Bluff Trail
- global Carnival
to be able to answer mult-choice questions
on those 2 topics next class.

Such as

Coates Bluff Nature Trail and Carnival quiz / Trudeau

1. Tree whose bark has small growths that resemble tiny volcanic peaks: __ .
a) Cottonwood b) Hackberry c) Sycamore d) Dogwood.
2. This tree has a mottled bark and gargantuan leaves: __ . a) Cottonwood b) Hackberry c) Sycamore d) Dogwood.
3. Type of oak that is most prevalent in North Louisiana river bottoms: __ oak.
a) Live b) Water c) Pine d) River.
4. This tree produces "knees," a sort of knobby growth that pokes up through the ground in the vicinity of the tree. __ . a) Cottonwood b) Hackberry c) Sycamore
d) Cypress.
5. Tree that produces puce-colored blossoms (purplish-reddish-brown) in the late winter: __ __ . a) Cottonwood b) Redbud c) Sycamore d) Dogwood.
6. If this woods vine isn't the 5-leafed Virginia Creeper it must be __ . a) Cottonwood b) Redbud c) Sycamore d) Poison Ivy.
7. The principal forest grapes of North Louisiana: __ . a) Cottonwood b) Redbud c) Muscadine d) Virginia Creeper.
8. When clay, sand and silt occur in a mixed soil, it is called __ . a) riparian
b) loam c) topsoil d) alluvial.
9. Louisiana is widely-known as a state with unusually rich bird life. T / F
10. The zone along a bayou is __ land. a) riparian b) conservation c) aquifer
d) up.
11. The French world roulez means a) to turn round and round b) good times c) Carnival.
12. Louisiana's Carnival season begins on Twelfth Night. T / F
13. The Italian city on the Adriatic Sea where the earliest Carnival celebrations take place: a) Rome b) Venice c) Naples d) Sicily.
14. Ash Wednesday is the first day of the Christian season known as a) Easter
b) Holy Week c) Lent d) Advent.
15. One of these celebrations - a distant antecedent of Carnival - was Greek: a) Lupercalian b) Dionysian c) Ambrosian d) Antiochan.