Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Intro to Gandhi

India review 1
1. Hindi greeting: a) Namaste’ b) Ni hau c) Moshimoshi d) Salaam aleikum e) Shalom f) Yo.
2. Hindi is the culture and religion, Hindu is the language. T / F
3. According to the RMQRWA, India’s population is about a) 990 million b) 1.3 billion c) 2.5 billion d) 3 billion.
4. People who study populations and make predictions about population changes: a) anthropologists b) demographers c) historians d) graphologists.
5. Civilization in Central Asia began in the __ river basin, according to World Book. a) Indus b) Ganges c) Nile d) Tigris & Euphrates.
6. Mt. Everest lies on the borders of a) Nepal & China b) India & China c) China & Tibet.
7. Which has a greater metropolitan area? a) Mumbai b) Kolkata c) New York City d) Beijing?
8. Sanskrit, Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri and Punjabi are __. a) regions b) languages c) types of cuisine d) Hindu gods.
9. India has approximately half the land area of the US but more than 3 times the US’ population. T / F
10. The 2 principal religions of India: a) Christian, Islam b) Islam, Hindu c) Hindu, Jewish
d) Hindu, Christian e) Sikhs, Hindus.
11. The famous spice mixture of Indian cooking: a) curry b) tandoori c) yogurt d) chili powder.
12. The caste system has been responsible for a long history of a) good meals b) law and order c) lavish architecture d) railways and ports.
13. Not one of the three Islamic nations on our recent map: a) Bangladesh b) Pakistan c) Afghanistan d) Nepal.
14. The historic name for Mumbai: __ a) Calcutta b) Kolkata c) Ceylon d) Bombay e) Agra.
15. The multi-stringed instrument that gives a signature sound to the music of India: a) oud b) sitar c) tambourine d) bindi e) melodica.
16. Some 60 years ago India was partitioned so that Muslims would have a home away from the antagonistic Hindus. Today there are fewer than 10% of Muslims in India. They live in Pakistan or Bangladesh. T / F
17. Mohandas said to Kasturba: “Let’s go to a movie tonight. Put a garland of jasmine round your neck and a __ on your forehead.” a) samsara b) ganesh c) bindi d) sitar.
18. Bangalore is a city of high tech workers, according to the NY Times. The most notable US company maintaing a large workforce there is a) Microsoft b) Apple c) Dell d) Intel e) Sun Microsystems.
19. Famous for their beards and turbans, this Indian religious group is centered in the Punjab, near the city of Amritsar: a) Punjabis b) Jains c) Hindus d) Muslims e) Sikhs.
20. The science behind an understanding of the Himalayas: a) vulcanology
b) demography c) plate tectonics d) archaeology.