Thursday, January 10, 2013

Carnival quiz 2

Carnival quiz

1. North Louisiana does not intimately relate to Carnival because the dominant religious culture is a) Protestant b) Baptist c) Catholic d) Methodist.
2. Mardi Gras follows a season in which many are required to practice fasting and abstinence. T / F
3. Which of these cultures first dominated the Mediterranean? a) Roman b) Persian c) Greek d) Egyptian.
4. "Crescent City style was inspired by black residents:" in 1857, when The Krewe of Comus was established, most of the black residents of New Orleans had the social status of a) slaves b) free men of color c) blue-collar workers .
5. When did jazz music begin? a) 1830's b) 1890's c) 1920's d) 1940's.
6. In what kinds of bands did jazz begin? a) woodwind b) string c) brass.
7. Explain the meaning of the French term "boeuf gras." a) "Throw me something, mister" b) "Let the good times roll" c) "get out of the way or we'll kill you," d) the "fatted beef cow."
8. What are the flambeaux of New Orleans night parades? a) trumpets b) torches c) dancers d) throws.
9. A famous Louisianian signed his letters, “Red beans and ricely yours." a) King Oliver b) Jellyroll Morton c) Louis Armstrong d) Buddy Bolden.
10. Cajun ancestors lived in coastal Canada for some __ years. a) 100
b) 200 c) 300 d) 400.
11. A holiday from school, doubloons, the colors purple, green and gold:
a) Rex b) Comus c) Zulu d) Bacchus.
12. Karnaval is a huge deal in Belgium and Germany. T / F .