Monday, January 07, 2013

Roots of Carnival quiz

1. New Orleans African heritage: a) West b) East c) North
2. translate: bons
3. translate: rouler
4. translate: laissez
5. translate: temps
6. translate: gras
7. Louisiana's carnival season does not begin on a) Twelfth Night b) Epiphany c) Jan 6 d) Ash Wed.
8. Dionysian celebration: a) Greek b) Roman c) Persian.
9. Lupercalia: a) Greek b) Roman c) Persian.
10. Translate a) Carne: ___ b) vale: ___
11. Translate: "Lent."
12. First 5 nations associated with carnival.
13. First historic era in which Carnevale is written about: a) Medieval b) Renaissance c) Elizabethan.
14. Examples (2) of riotous behavior.
15. Translate: Shrove Tuesday.

16. Female krewe in New Orleans.
17. Why were parades instututed in New Orleans about 1857?
18. Two European cities that estabish the early carnival customs.
19. First krewe of Louisiana.
20. Alabama location with considerable influence on New Orleans (NO) Carnival?
21. 2 differences between Alabama and NO celebrations.
22. Primary public activity that was considered a basic pleasure of the pioneer days?
23. The location of Congo Square in New Orleans?
24. Activities by slaves in Congo Square? Frequency?
25. The second oldest krewe?

26. 3 customs established by Rex.
27. Etymology of “Rex.”
28. Make a timeline of Comus, Rex and Zulu.
29. Cheap coin “throw”?
30. Mardi Gras has neighborhood clubs that call themselves "gangs."
Are they a) MG Indians b) Drug organizations c) Brass bands.
31. What organization is brought to mind by the phrase “two-way pocky way!”?
32. Blanc et Noir Marching Society will hire what sort of band for the Krewe of Highland parade?
33. When did jazz music begin?
34. In what kinds of bands did jazz begin?
35. Explain the meaning of the French term "boeuf gras."

36. What are the flambeaux?
37. A famous Louisianian signed his letters, “Red beans and ricely yours,” His name and nickname?
38. What is one of the themes of New Orleans costuming?

39. How long did French immigrants live in Nova Scotia before a journey that would take them to Louisiana?
40. Why are they called Acadians, or Cajuns?
41. What is the name for the Cajun Mardi Gras?
42. Another name for a Cajun house party?
43. What 2 types of music mingle in Zydeco?
44. What ethnic group created zydeco?
45. Make a small map featuring Europe, South America, Central America and North America. List nations in which we see a significant carnival celebration.

answers -

1. W Af: Senegal, Guinea, Liberia, etc etc
2. bons - good
3. rouler - to roll
4. laissez - to let
5. temps - times
6. gras - fat
7. 12th Night begins Carnival in La. aka Epiphany or Jan 6.
8. Dionysian - Greek revels
9. Lupercalia - Roman rituals
10. carne - meat / vale - goodbye Latin
11. Lent - Christian; 40 days fasting & abstinence
12. Original Carnival nations: Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal.
13. Medieval times: first mention of Carnival.
14. Riotous: throwing bricks, desecrating churches.
15. Shrive: forgive your sins. See English custom.
16. Endymion is a female krewe in NO.
17. Parades helped the city move away from Fat Tuesday anarchy.
18. Carnival origins: Venice, Rome.
19. 1st NO krewe: Mystick Krewe of Comus.
20. Mobile, AL
21. Alabama: New Years celebration / Cowbellian de rakin Society
NO: Fat Tuesday / Comus
22. Pioneers: dancing!
23. Congo Square: back of the city of NO.
24. Congo Square: dancing, singing every Sunday.
25. 2nd oldest: Rex.
26. Rex: doubloons, colors purple, green, gold, a holiday from school.
27. Rex: "king" Latin
28. a) Comus b) Rex c) Zulu
29. doubloon
30. MG Indians
31. MG Indians: "two way pocky way"
32. jazz
33. jazz originates in 1890's.
34. Jazz originates in brass bands.
35. Boeuf gras: Fat beef cow.
36. flambeaux: torches.
37. Louis Satchmo Armstrong: "Red beans ..."
38. Costuming: opposite of who you are.
39. Acadiennes: 100 years in Nova Scotia.
40. Acadians - people from a region called Acadia.
41. Courir de Mardi Gras: cajuns.
42. bals de Maison: house party.
43. Zydeco: blues plus French folk music.
44. Creoles created both zydeco as well as Cajun music.
45. map.