Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Essay on Peter and Santino from "Lost Boys of Sudan"

In a social studies essay please do Not write generalities about Peter and Santino: "Peter was ambitious, smart and ready to spring into action." "Santino was soulful, patient, caring and steadily effective at work."

While those may be true statements, they do not offer the reader the pertinent details.

Instead, begin with a quote or incident - such as Santino testing for his driver's license - and then explain how this reflects on the character.

Examples -
- Peter moves to Kansas.
- Santino has trouble with the rent.
- Peter applies to high school.
- Santino begins a correspondence class in electricity.
- Peter is cut from the basketball team.
- Santino tells his friend, "There's no heaven on earth."
- Peter discusses the issue of "Time is money."

Write a brief character description essay based on one incident from each fellow. 12 pts.