Wednesday, May 08, 2013

A guide to the Mandarin Chinese movie, "Not One Less"

Not One Less by é que te Mofo!
Not One Less, a photo by é que te Mofo! on Flickr.

Describe the terrain around Shuxian School.

Paint a verbal picture of the condition of the village school.

How would you characterize the mayor? Describe 2 incidents which you feel illustrate his role in the story.

Teacher Wei undergoes something of a transformation as the story unfolds.
Give an example of her style in the beginning and give an example of her behavior as she grows into her job.

Describe the elements of life in the city versus life in the country - as seen in this movie - that were most affecting to you.

What 2 incidents do you remember from Wei Minzhi’s initially unsuccessful attempt to get help at the TV station?

In the city Wei can easily be spotted as a girl from the country. One give-away is her clothing. What part of her behavior would be evidence she was a provincial girl?

The bureaucracy of China is illustrated by the Mayor’s actions and by the attitude of the receptionist at the TV station. Offer examples of their behavior which reveal the nature of the bureaucracy.

Not One Less guide / Trudeau

1) Not One Less is a movie in a) Mandarin Chinese b) Cantonese Chinese c) Rural Chinese.
Choose between a. Teacher Gao b) the Mayor c) Teacher Wei d) Zhang Huike in the following prompts:
2) Most frugal character.
3) Battling the drop-out rate.
4) Money conscious.
5) Menial work.
6) Moderating influence.
7) Greatest allegiance.
8) Stubborn.
9) Happy-go-lucky.
10) Philosophical and accepting.
11) Chinese currency: a) yuan b) yen c) Chinese dollar.
12) Shuixian School is located near a) Xi’an b) Beijing c) Shanghai.
13) Symbol of pride in learning and efficient use of resources: a) sending swift runner of the class to the sports specialty school b) flag c) chalk.
14) Type of humor which crosses cultural borders: a) religious b) political
c) scatalogical d) sarcasm.
15) The director of Not One Less: a) Jet Li b) Zhang Huike c) Zhang Yimou
d) Shi Huang Di.